Webinar Landing Page

Your Weekly Inspiration: How to create Webinar Landing Pages that Get People to Register and Attend

Webinars are a powerful tool to connect directly with your audience. They help you establish yourself, both as an authority and a valuable resource. Efforts to educate your audience with an effective webinar landing page paves the way to present your product or service to them in a more open and transparent manner.

Of Course, you are amazing at presenting webinars.



What if nobody shows up?

This blog is to help you gather sign-ups in the best way possible - by creating your own webinar landing page. First, your page must inform what your webinar is all about, when & where is it happening, what are the prerequisites and should be a mirror to how well you can convince the visitor to register as well as attend your webinar.

Let's discuss the elements needed to create the perfect webinar landing page so you can keep your webinars more interactive in nature while it has these following elements:

A luring headline


According to Copyblogger, 80% of people will read your headline, but only 2% will click through to read the rest.

On your webinar landing page, the purpose of the headline is to encourage your audience to go an extra mile through the information on your page. Any headline must play the emotional hook that intrigues the curiosity of the audience.


Highlight a key benefit that is a solution to the problem faced by your audience. Write and re-write the headline to improvise on it, which compels the visitor to read further.


Sub-headings are crucial

The sub-heading needs to be an explanation on the topic of the webinar. Your subheading should be clear and must drive visitors further down your page to support your headline and get them to actually read through the rest of your copy.

A flabbergasting Ad copy


The main purpose of a copy is to convert those readers into webinar registrants. Restrain from including a lot of information in your copy. Let it be written around your webinar topic and why you feel it matters. Highlight the benefits and takeaways that they are getting out of the webinar. Include testimonials of your previous webinars to establish trust.

A countdown timer

Countdown timers create a sense of urgency and make it evident that the number of available seats is limited. This urges people to register faster. Other than that, it peaks their interest in what you are selling while they deal with the infamous FOMO (fear of missing out).

Call to action buttons

The buttons must stand out on your landing page usually above the fold; bold and clear. Contrasting colors work best for CTAs. Let the CTAs be to the point. Use phrases that give the visitor a clear call to action. Example: "I'm in" or "Book my seat" or "Save my seat", etc. Refrain from selling anything on the registration page.



Keep the registration form  simple

Keep the form as simple as possible by asking only their name and email address. Ensure that it is easy to fill the form, both on mobile devices and on desktops. This means you’d also need to optimize your landing page for the mobile.

Attention to detail


Add relevant images to support the content on the page. You can also add an intro video of the seminar to explain what the webinar is all about and a professional image of you along with any other speaker(s) who will be with you during the webinar.


Key Takeaways

To summarize, ensure that your landing page is serving its purpose before the seminar begins. Put it out on social media platforms a couple of weeks before (not too early, not too late) the seminar’s going live. Make sure CTAs are clearly visible,  Ad copies are connecting with the audience, and the video gives out just enough information about the webinar.