Advertising Landing Page

Your Weekly Inspiration: Advertising Landing Page

Let us assume that you are designing an advertising landing page for the very first time. What are the elements that you'd include on your landing page to make it a successful one?

Now is the time to dive right into a detailed list of building elements that you'd want to include on your advertising landing page.

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

This is that element, which if well crafted, makes your audience understand why they must care about what you are about to offer. How do you differentiate yourself from other businesses in your niche? What is that one feature in your product or service that sets you apart from the competition? Think of a simple way to communicate all these points to your audience.


Think on lines of what can turn a passerby into a consumer and communicate this in a succinct way. Simplify your offering to the most basic level and make it crystal clear.  


One classic example is of Domino’s Pizza: “Get hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or it’s free!.”

The USP can be split across your headline and sub-headline too. The sub-headline can be a reinforcement statement.

For example,

Headline :Here is the easiest way to build, publish and test landing pages

Subheading: Create beautiful landing pages in minutes with no HTML

A picture is worth a thousand words

Your audience has a very short attention span.  A visual representation of your offer eases the pressure and helps gain a better understanding of what it is and the context of use of your service or product. Instead of telling how the product needs to be used by a consumer, show them how it is used. The strategy behind pictures must be to evoke empathy in order to place your audience in a scenario where they are already using it for themselves.

Highlight the benefits

Another must-have section on your landing page, after the USP, is a detailed description of your offers, benefits, and features. Provide more details by focusing on answering the question “What will this do for me?”, as this will help you write copy that speaks directly to your customer's questions.

Social testimony

This is a powerful and persuasive concept. ‘Basecamp’ shows a social proof on its homepage. This can teach your customer how popular you are in terms of believability. If it is well received, then it will be a huge hit on the public networks. Give a clear count of how many customers you have. Add trust seals to establish security of information. All the awards and customer reviews which can be powerful in persuading prospects while they are shopping using comparisons would be another great advantage.

CTAs are crucial
To a visitor, this can either be a standalone button on a click-through page or as part of a lead gen form. CTA is critical to conversions. In other words, this is how people interact on your landing page. It is up to you to design it, place it and choose what it says. CTAs like ‘Click Here’ or ‘Submit now’ are in now. A good example would be “Get your 50 USD food coupon” because it clearly articulates what the buyer is getting.  


To wrap it up

Now you have an idea of what advertising landing page needs in order to function. You can use the above-mentioned elements to quickly construct an effective advertising landing page for your marketing campaigns. The best technique to visualize a landing page is to create a paper prototype of it. We have ready-to-use landing page templates at your disposal. Try them and let us know.