Why you Should use Facebook Landing Pages

Why You Should Use Facebook Landing Pages

You're probably aware of how essential landing pages are for any online marketing form. But these pages have applications outside of your website. In particular, Facebook landing pages can give your social media campaigns a boost.

Similar to how this feature would work on your website, Facebook Landing Pages are branded tabs with campaign information, but is found directly on the social media platform.

You may be wondering why these pages are important, since you can use Facebook posts to send users directly to your website. The reason is that social media is very different from other forms of online marketing.

People have no problem leaving a search engine results page to access a website, but it's different when it comes to Facebook. Users don't necessarily want to interrupt their experience to visit a separate website.

Sending them directly to your page can cause higher bounce rates because they weren't expecting it.

This will be the case even if they have an interest in the product, according to Wishpond. If you utilize Facebook ads, you will see a higher return on investment from implementing dedicated landing pages on the platform.

How to Create Effective Facebook Landing Pages

Why you Should use Facebook Landing Pages

In many respects, a Facebook landing page is similar to those on your website because the key components are often the same.

The content should be consistent. This includes the style and tone of the writing. On the same note, any images used in the ad should appear on the landing page to provide a consistent experience.

And like any other landing page, those on Facebook need to have a large, clear call to action, typically above the fold. Just like in traditional Web design, the CTA button should provide a good contrast from the background color to command more attention.

Just because you adopt a new medium doesn't mean you should forget the basics.

When used properly, social media and landing pages can have a great relationship and produce incredible new marketing results, as discussed here.

To take it a step further and create truly awesome Facebook landing pages, include a clear value proposition that highlights the benefits of your offer. If you're using a landing page to advertise a contest, it's important to use exciting words that make viewers want to participate.

You can even encourage people to take part by communicating a sense of exclusivity by expressing that this offer is only available through Facebook.

You can use lead-capture forms on Facebook landing pages, but you need to be careful to design them so users don't abandon the page (by vince). The offer should dictate the amount of information you ask for.

If it's a contest, an email address will suffice, but if it's for gated content such as a white paper, you should ask for more details.In fact, forms are highly beneficial for collecting contact data for future marketing efforts without diverting users from the Facebook interface.

Many brands use Facebook landing pages to drive further engagement and interactions. Providing a consistent experience - including imagery, colors, forms and text - is one of the best ways to ensure your pages generate the conversion rates you want.

Learn How to Integrate Lander with Facebook

Now that you know why is so important to have a Facebook Tab into your Business page and also how to create a effective one, it’s time to put all that knowledge in practice.

Our latest feature allows you to integrate your Landing Pages with your Facebook strategy without any HTML knowledge, or the intervention of third party apps and in 4 simple steps:

  1. Integrate your account with Facebook
  2. Select your Fan Page
  3. Write your Facebook Tab title and upload an image
  4. Publish it!


To learn how to start building your own Facebook Landing Pages just watch the video above or click here.

So now it’s your time to give it a shot by yourself and let us know what you think about our newest integration with Facebook

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