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Why You Need Indexed Image and Indexed Landing Page

If you have a website, you will be thinking of generating revenue from it via content marketing or affiliate marketing. But for you to drive traffic to that website, you have to make Google recognize it in the first place. This is why you have to index all the images and web pages on your website.


Let’s learn more about how Google does it...


You will have to submit all the URLs of the web pages on your website along with XML sitemaps to Google directories or Webmaster tools. Google takes up this information and crawls through all the web pages to find the context of the content on those pages relating it to the search queries by the user. After it has crawled through, it indexes the page just like a having a huge organized library of books and catalogs.


What exactly are "indexed" and "non-indexed" pages?


As per Blue Corona, all those pages that have been founded by Google spiders or search crawlers of any search engine, and are categorized to have a good amount of relevant search phrases are called indexed pages. They are more likely to show up in the list of search results with the capability of driving organic traffic to your site.


If your website is new or you have recently added fresh pages to your website, Google spiders wouldn't have yet crawled and indexed those pages. There are a huge number of domains out there and Google will take some time to index the recently added pages. But there is a possibility that your pages will not be indexed after a considerable amount of time. If this happens, then check if your web page has any of the following :


  • Pages indexed under another domain
  • Pages with 404 or server errors
  • Pages with coding errors
  • Duplicate or low-quality content


How can you get all your pages indexed?


If you come to know that the number of pages you've submitted to the webmaster isn't the same as the number of pages that are indexed, high-quality content on the page is the key. Include good quality relevant content in each of the web pages, improve your backlinks, submit updated XML maps to Google, and focus on distributing the existing content.


If you do not put in efforts to index your page, then you will not be able to rank your website well enough to get visitors to your website. There are tools available to help you know if your site is being indexed or not.


According to search engine land, Indexing is a process where search engines read pages and treat them individually. One way to check if your web pages are being indexed by Google is to use the site ‘operator’ with a Google search. Enter a specific page URL to check if the page has been indexed.


Why indexing your web page and images is necessary?


The simple answer is - to get your website to appear on the search result. But you'd want the search engine to keep indexing the website again and again as and when you add new pages to it. Crawling spiders are small bits of computer code that crawl on your web page to index it and figure out what the page is all about. Its work is to find new things on the web and update the indexed version of the same.


And if your image has to come on the google image search, it has to be indexed as well. You just can't let the image be somewhere on the web and expect it to magically show up when the visitors search for anything relevant to what your image has. If the page containing the image is not crawled or indexed, Google will not display the image in the image search.


At the end of the day, search engine results are generated based on what Google thinks and categorizes into something that a user will find most helpful. Just put yourself in the shoes of the visitor, indexing your web page can help you get it right. User experience and relevant content are two of the important aspects that must be present in the pages that you want to be indexed.

Have a good amount of inbound links, as this is an indication of worthy content. To rank higher, incorporate quality links. Indexing all your pages is necessary for increasing your visibility on the web.