Why Landing Pages Are Key To Online Marketing Success

The job of an Internet marketer is to drive sales or generate leads online. Period.

It’s not to increase unique website visitors. It’s not to win web design awards. It’s not to let every department in the company have space on the home page. It’s not to drive online brand awareness. The job of an Internet marketer is to drive sales or generate leads online.

But many Internet marketers spend too much time on their home page. They believe that a website
re-design will improve a company’s marketing performance.
But they neglect an important truth: online behavior is different from real life behavior.

A recent article from British website The Net Webexplained just how different online behavior is.
Note how visitors treat home pages:

“The Net Web finds when analyzing stats, that when a Visitor lands on a website page from a Search Engine or 3rd Part website, (99+% of visitors do), they will not even visit the home page.”

Given this data, why do so many marketers worry about their home page?

They should instead focus on designing and deploying landing pages so their online visitors can quickly get what they came for, while driving online conversions to generate sales and/or leads.
Following is a breakdown of online behaviors, and how landing pages were designed to adapt to these behaviors for the benefit of Internet marketers.

Visitors are impatient

The Net Web article described website visitors as impatient.
After clicking a link from a search engine or pay-per-click ad, visitors look for instant gratification. If they don’t find what they’re looking for in just a few seconsthey will hit the “back” button, even if the item they were looking for was on the page.

Landing pages, as Conversion Scientist Brian Massey States, are “conversion beacons.” They help the impatient website visitor hone in on exactly what she wants by providing clear navigation and instructions.

Landing pages provide instant gratification.

A word of warning: what she wants better be what you have to offer, because if she doesn’t get what she came, she’ll be gone…forever.

Visitors suffer from cognitive overload

As the article states, we are all distracted. Terribly distracted.
Our short-term memory can only handle up to seven ‘chunks’ of information at a time. Consuming website content uses up lots of brainpower. When presented with too many choices, the brain shuts down. The brain will ‘freeze’ rather than continue.

  • Landing pages remove confusion from the search process.They focus on one goal: to direct the visitor to click here, fill out a form, or purchase.
  • Landing pages remove all unnecessary distractions, such as menus, sidebars and banner ads.
  • Landing pages take away the confusion and provide clear direct instructions to your website visitors, so they get what they want, and you get a new customer.

Visitors have tunnel vision

Your online visitors have a one-track mind. No, I don’t mean sex (at least not on your site, right?).
They are looking for what they are looking for, period. And they have a set pattern for looking for what they want.

The Net Web article citedeye-tracking studies revealing how visitors scan websites using an ‘F’ pattern.
If they can’t find what they’re looking for in the usual place, they will hit the back button without looking around the site more carefully.

Landing pages are designed to satisfy the website visitor’s natural eye patterns when searching for desired content. They are designed to provide content in the places your visitors usually look.

Visitors scan, they don’t read

“Visitors will avoid reading anything.”

Sobering words from The Net Web article. They are looking for keywords, chunks of information.
They will avoid introductory text, instructions, navigation.

Landing pages provide delicious images, obvious calls-to-action, minimal text, and videos, so your visitors aren’t forced to read lots of unnecessary text (that they won’t read anyway).

Landing pages work the way your visitors work

Because online visitors behave differently, you need a way for them to interact with you differently. You need a way to keep them engaged,so you can turn them into customers, subscribers and fans.

Landing pages are the answer

  • Landing pages help impatient visitors find what they wantimmediately (hopefully they want what you offer).
  • Landing pages help reduce confusion so your visitors can make quick decisions in your favor.
  • Landing pages help visitors with tunnel vision find what they’re looking for instead of missing something because it’s in the wrong place.
  • Landing pages help scannersunderstand what the page is about by providing short, crisp, bold copy, attractive graphics and direct calls-to-action.
  • Landing pages give your visitors what they want, and direct them to do what you want them to do.
On Line Marketing Key

Your next steps

  • If there were such thing as an Internet marketing silver bullet, landing pages would be the closest thing to it.
  • But you need to be able to build a landing page quickly so you can react to real-time changes in market conditions.
  • But you may be held up by an overworked IT department, or a designer working on a hot advertising campaign.
  • Your landing page may be at the bottom of your IT person or designer’s agenda.
  • You need the freedom to build a beautiful, functional, high-converting landing page yourself, without the internal bottlenecks.

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