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The Success Tips in White Paper Marketing

Publishing a new white paper is a lot like publishing a new book. One needs to do a lot of marketing ahead of time. A white paper marketing  strategy beforehand can help create a huge buzz and get people to line up to read it your publish.

One has to follow the perfect white paper marketing strategy to do it the right way. But unlike marketing a book, you don’t have to market your white paper months before you publish.

If you start your marketing push a week or two before, you should have plenty of time to generate excitement and prepare to engage your viewers.

The tips below will help you get ready for the preparation of your White paper marketing.

Design a landing page

White Paper Marketing Strategy


It’s good to create your landing page about two weeks ahead of time. The aim of the landing page is to get the reader to provide his/her contact details. It should be precise and persuasive.

The study by Website Magazine shows that 80 percent of the visitors to a blog are new visits. While only 20 percent are repeat visits. Which mean that most of the people who visit your blog on a certain day will probably never visit it again.

They might also never find or read your white paper. If you publish your white paper landing page in advance and collect email addresses, it will ensure that your white paper gets read by more people.

Add call to action (CTA) to the landing page. Let the readers know that if they register with their names and email addresses they will get the white paper after a publish.

This is a technique which will help you ensure that you have a list of readers to read your White paper once you publish.

Write guest posts


Writing guest posts on popular blogs and pages can be another amazing way to help market your new white paper. If you want this strategy to work, make sure you write on blogs that focus on the same niche your white paper covers.

This cushions your white paper marketing strategy for it not to fail. For example, if your white paper is on a technology topic, write a post to popular tech blogs such as Webware and TechRadar.

Don’t forget to include a CTA and a link to your main white paper to increase your landing page traffic and drive registration.

Collect reviews

White Paper Marketing Strategy



If you are in contact with an expert on the subject, someone who has a popular page or blog in the same niche, make a preview copy available to them.  Ask them if they would write a review and post it on their blog.

The association with an established expert or thought leader can greatly increase your white paper’s credibility. You can add these short reviews to your landing page.  This can help make it more persuasive and add additional legitimacy for your work.

E-mail your subscribers


Always send an email to your readers and viewers after publish. Ask them to download the paper by visiting the landing page. This might get even more sign-ups for you.

If you already have their contact details, you can send them a direct link to the PDF.  It is a great way to enhance your White paper marketing. You can inform your newsletter readers about your paper a week or two before you launch it.

Let them know about the pre-publishing landing page and ask them to sign up if they are interested. It works wonders, trust us!

These are a few ways to augment a new white paper marketing strategy. Make sure you follow these tips to launch it with a bang & get hundreds of people to read your paper as soon as it’s published.