White Paper Marketing

4 Keys to a Compelling White Paper Marketing Strategy

We all know that “content is the king” in this digital era. Content in any form; article, blog or white paper has proved to be the best in providing knowledge to the audience and bringing in leads for the companies.

Why White Paper Marketing?


Many companies apart from publishing blogs and articles, are writing and publishing White Papers to provide a solution to the customer’s problems and to help them taking a decision.

White papers have proved to be helpful in selling the products and services of a company. White Papers are the detailed writings citing facts and figures to provide a solution to the problem.

Generally, these are sponsored by the companies to explain how the services they are offering are helpful for the readers.

Marketers have to do a lot of hard-work while writing these White Papers as they need to be persuasive enough to catch the attention of the readers.

We all know that not every piece of content reaches to the top of search results within a day. It takes a lot of planning to optimize it and make it as per the requirement of the reader.

In this article, we will look at some of the proven ways which have worked the best when it comes to White Paper Marketing:

White Paper Marketing Tip #1: Identify Problem and Give the Solution


It is very important that as a writer and marketer you pick up a real problem which the target audience is facing. One should not go for the latest trends going in the industry for the purpose of sales.

It is important that after picking the problem, you educate them with the solutions to it and its consequences. The solution should be backed up with facts and logic. This is the best way to make a connection with the target audience.

White Paper Marketing Tip #2: Do an Extensive Research


White Paper Marketing


It is very important that the White Paper you are writing should be different from all the information published earlier.

Hence, it becomes necessary to first look for the content other writers have published on the same topic to be different.

Citing third-party sources in your paper will increase the credibility of your paper, so don’t refrain yourself from doing this.

The chances are very less that the topic which you have chosen to write is not written and published earlier. So, researching thoroughly will help you provide a unique content to the audience.

White Paper Marketing Tip #3: Use Graphics


We all know the importance of visuals for humans. Several studies have proved that a person retains the thing quickly and for longer period of time when he/ she learns it from visuals.

So, there is no reason not to back-up the facts mentioned in the White Paper with the graphs and pie-charts.

White Paper Marketing Tip #1: Share


White Paper Marketing


Now, once the paper is ready with facts and figures, it needs to be published. But, before publishing it, it is important to look for the platform which the target audience often uses.

Along with the platform, it is important to look for the time period when the audience checks in the social media. That is the best way to publish the White Paper and get the optimum results out of it.

Various social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Medium, Google Plus etc. should be covered to share the White Papers.

We all know that there are 3 seconds to attract a reader to read your White Paper and 30 seconds to engage a reader.

So, along with the writing an engaging content, we should also focus on marketing it the right way to reach out the maximum target audience.