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What Will Landing Pages Look Like in 10 years?

We are currently relying on machine learning - a type of artificial intelligence, mostly a complex system that analyzes and interprets huge amounts of data, to aid us in different aspects of our business. This includes web design and landing page designs.

Undoubtedly, it is on the brink of shaping the future of digital customer experience. We are sure all the pages will have these characteristics ingrained in them in the future.

Advanced customer-tailored experience

Modern AI algorithms can differentiate between the slightest differences in images- down to the pixel. Though you can say that they aren't as effective as identifying and distinguishing changes like a human eye, isn't it still amazing that the machine can analyze and act based on the data? AI can detect patterns or structures within a given image. From this, it is able to identify other images containing certain distinct similarities.

Through this, AI can create a more vivid customer experience by offering image suggestions of products and services that match what the user has checked out before with advanced accuracy.


Customer Behavior Analysis

Human factors are non-existent with AI, so they are faster at split-second analysis. They have the ability to go through larger amounts of data based on not just one user’s pattern.

Customer behavior analysis is conducted by innumerable digital businesses and online stores. With AI, it is possible to know the features and functionality of the landing pages that users expect.

All landing pages of e-commerce sites, within their search bars, will offer products based on previous search queries.

Specifically tailored visually engaging landing page designs

AI would be able to predict everything from color, shape, to font preferences. So you being visually engaged by the best landing page design that’s specifically tailored for you isn't far from impossible with the direction we’re heading in.

More power to personalization

Facebook uses AI to deliver personalized news feed to each user, by combining predictive analytics and data-driven marketing, in order to produce more tailored content that matches the user’s interests.

Imagine arriving at any website's main landing page,  offering you a selection of blog posts/ content/images specific to your industry or field of business or personal interest, the future isn't far!

Future landing pages design is going to show users specific data based on their online behavior.

What’s on your mind?

Yes, some people prefer AI, while others would still rather talk to a real person who is willing to help them with their issues. Instead of typing, businesses can automate their support service landing pages to respond to voice inquiries.

This can hugely increase the level of convenience and satisfaction for customers. Imagine not having to type or even look at a screen to get automated support! Businesses will save a lot of money for paying live support agents if  AI is advanced enough to take care of the problem from beginning to end.

Long pages with scrolling functionality

There was an assumption that users would not scroll past what was seen above the fold. Which is just  not true.

According to chart beat, 66 % of attention is spent below the fold, people use the scrollbar on 76 percent of pages, with 22 % scrolling their way to the bottom regardless of the length of that page.

What this means is that landing pages can be long pages in the future. However, it is already in effect, and we haven't seen much of a difference in terms of the potential engagement impact.

Simplicity will still be in

"On the one hand, you want a product or service to be easy to use; on the other hand, you want it to do everything that a person might want it to do. The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction. When in doubt, just remove. But be careful of what you remove." - John Maeda

We can expect landing pages with much more comprehension and clarity of purpose, with simpler, and often more minimal designs.

How about a little dance?

Motion and movement drive attention and engagement as they heavily influence the hierarchy of the visual experience. Future Landing pages will make the user encounter those features which offer up any and all animations!  Animations can also show how product and services are related or reveal connections between different features.

We are witnessing a time where digital enterprises are on a constant lookout for an edge over the competition. The future landing pages can employ animation and interaction as a powerful way to make a first impression, in order to improve the user experience for years to come.