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Website SEO Tricks to Improve Your Google Ranking

We all know importance of having a presence of the business on internet. In today’s tech-savvy world, we all know that most of the business comes from the traffic which is sitting online.

And, hence it is a dream of every company to rank better on Google and remain on the top of the charts. To rank a business website on Google is not at all an easy task.

It involves hard work of many days and many teams. Starting from the designing and developing of the website to its maintenance, it requires many efforts.

Once a website is developed and is launched on the internet, the next big goal to achieve is to rank it on Google do that it shows up in the search.

The only way to achieve it is by optimizing the website. This is in general known as Search Engine Optimization. It is done to get the website ranked by the Google crawlers.

This is the only way by which the organizations, businesses and companies who want to sell their products and services can come in the notice of their target audience.

There are many ways by which websites are optimized. In this article we are going to discuss some of the fabulous tips for your website SEO to rank better on Goggle:

Website SEO #1: Curate the Best Keywords


Website SEO


Whole of the SEO revolves around the keywords. If keyword research is done carefully then there is nothing that can stop the website to rank better on the Google search engines.

Relevant keywords to the niche of the website must be curated and added to every page of the website. Also, the keywords on which the competitor’s website is ranking should also be checked and incorporated if felt important.

The main thing to keep in mind while adding the keywords is that they should be ranking only in the relevant keywords.

Website SEO #2: Domain Name


The domain name of the website should be kept simple and as per the business name. The most important thing is that the domain name once given should not be changed.

The age of domain URL helps in ranking it better. So, once set should not be changed.

Website SEO #3: Optimize the Website Load Speed


Optimizing the website loading speed is very important. Ideally, a website should take just 3-4 seconds to load completely.

It is important as audience these days have many options to look for the same thing & nobody will wait this much to load the website.

Website SEO #4: Make Website Mobile-Friendly


As we all use mobile phones to search for anything and everything we want and so is our target audience. The websites should be tested and optimized so that they open beautifully on the mobile devices as well. This will increase the chances of turning the audience into customers.

Website SEO #5: Index the Website on Search Engines



Website SEO


Another thing to mark is to index the website on all the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. This is helpful in telling search engines that the website is reliable and help improve the ranking.

Website SEO #6: Register the Business to “Google My Business”


Registering the business to the Google listing will let people discover you fast. Entering the exact location. Opening and closing hours, contact number and all the necessary information helps to reach you quickly and proves the website as a reliable resource.

Website SEO #7: Optimize the Content and Images


The content which is displayed on the pages should be optimized with the keywords so that search engines crawl and rate them. The images used on the pages must of the apt size and optimized by naming them with the keywords.

The size of image to be loaded should be as such that it does not lower the load speed of the website.
These were some of the tips that are most important to be paid attention to.

Implementing all the above-mentioned points will definitely help you to rank your website better on the search engines.