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Top Website Landing Pages That Really Convert

It's very necessary these days to get caught up in the demand of creating  website landing pages. You get a new offer, grab your template, design the form, start filling in the information.

But the real question is: Where's the change? Where's the little extra something to make your reader want to convert?

The website landing pages examples below come from a wide range of industries and feature unique designs that are guaranteed to get your creative thoughts flowing and inspire lead generation from your new website landing page.

They will be of a great use to you while designing the same for yourself.

Website Landing Pages #1: Unbounce


•Everything above the fold is designed to direct you to the opt-in form.

•The red image contrasts with the black background, grabbing your attention and directing your eyes to the headline.

•Arrows guide your eyes to the opt-in form on the right.

•For those who are undecided, the rest of the landing page reads as a sales letter including the features, a list of contributing experts, and testimonials.

Website Landing Pages #2: Basecamp


Website Landing Pages

•The design is very minimal and features an animated guy with a big smile that is very inviting.

•The headline uses social proof by showing how many companies have signed up in the last week, which makes the reader think again about this website landing page.

•They do a great job of removing barriers to entry by offering a 60-day free trial, instead of the usual 30 days and by not requiring a credit card to sign up.

•To remove any further barriers to entry they have answered a list of common concerns below the fold.

Website Landing Pages #3: Webprofits


Website Landing Pages

•The first thing that stands out about this page is the sleek and modern design that makes the brand look professional and established.

•The headline has a strong emotional approach for beating the competition by having information that they don’t.

•This is an excellent example of using visual aids to simplify a technical service. By including the images of a Google search and various page elements it allows you to know exactly what you’re getting, even if you don’t know anything about SEO.

•They repeat their call to action on a bright yellow background and then a bright red background to ensure that it’s always eye-catching.

Website Landing Pages #4: Litmus


Website Landing Pages


•The headline is friendly, saying “Let’s stay in touch” instead of a direct subscribe to my newsletter.

•The best thing about the form is that it only asks for one piece of information, an email, making it as easy as possible to sign up.

•Most of us are cautious about who we give our email out to. Litmus eliminates that fear by allowing you to read previous emails so you know exactly what you’re getting into by subscribing.

Website Landing Pages #5: Muck Rack


•This page does a wonderful job of appealing to two separate styles without being confusing or distracting. There is a clear headline and call to action for each group above the fold, making this a great website landing page.

•The form is initially hidden, but slides in to grab readers attention when the mouse slides over one of the CTA buttons.

•Each section below the fold has a very clear and to-the-point headline that highlights the primary benefit, followed by a concise list of relevant features.

Testimonials from industry professionals on the side establish their credibility and also keep the page design balanced.

One has to do the job of creating website landing pages in the most diligent way possible so that the page can bring in as many leads as possible, in order to beat the tough competition out there.

Where you can’t directly copy these example designs to your own Websites, you can beget a whole lot of inspiration from them, to set yourself on the right path. Maybe, one day, your website landing page stands at the top, while others stare on.