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A Complete Guide to a High-Converting Website Landing Page Design

The main objective for brands is to increase the sales of their products and services. Landing pages provide business with the platform to achieve this goal. A great website landing page design will help you attract visitors to your page, keep them on the page and entice them to take action.

It will give your business a higher conversion rate. You need to design your landing page to communicate your offer and values and how your customers can get the values.

Tricks you can employ to make an Excellent Website Landing Page Design

You should make your landing page eye-catching and beautiful enough to trigger actions. Below are the factors you should consider before creating your landing page:

Website Landing Page Design Tip #1: Your Target Group

Website Landing Page Design

Access your visitors to determine their needs. You should know whether they are new visitors who are yet to make any decision to convert or if they are visitors who are familiar with your brand. Tailor your content towards addressing these needs in the most enticing way.

Website Landing Page Design Tip #2: Set your Lead Generation Target


Determine the action you require your audience to take. Do you want them to leave their email addresses or to download your apps? These actions should be relevant and in line with the aim of your campaign.

Website Landing Page Design Tip #3: Communicate the Offer

Website Landing Page Design

Let your audience know why they should participate in your campaign by communicating the values they will get from your offer.

Make the offer strong, enticing and attractive to make your audience feel that they are at the right place.

Website Landing Page Design Tip #4: Responsive Web Design


We recommend you to use responsive web design to increase engagement and awareness about your campaign.

You may need to make the page mobile friendly so that your audience may easily access it from their mobile devices.  Add shareable links to encourage your visitors to share your content with their contacts.

Website Landing Page Design Tip #5: Data Analysis and A/B Testing


There is no one single design that will fit all your marketing campaigns. This is because different campaigns have different goals and consumers’ needs change on a daily basis.

Remember to A/B Test the design before you finally roll it out into the market. A/B Testing will present you the chance to make adjustments where necessary and make the page more effective.

The Essentials of a Website Landing Page Design

A strong and Value-Driven Headline

Website Landing Page Design

The headline is the first element that your visitors see when they visit your page. Use the headline to reassure your visitors that they are at the right place.

Your headline should be strong, value-driven and enticing to grab the visitors’ attention and encourage them to read your content.

Make sure that your headline is consistent with the goal of your campaign. Ensure that it is also concise and clear to encourage the visitors to take action.

The Right Form Size


Use the right form copy. People have a very short attention span beside the numerous activities that require their attention.

Access the goal of your campaign to determine the kind of information you need from your visitors. Ask only what is necessary.

Cluttering your page with unnecessary information will drive visitors away from your page. It will also lead to unnecessary time wastage and this may impact negatively on your brand.

An Impeccable Grammar


Use words that your audience will easily understand. Make the page flawless. You don’t want your visitors to spend the whole day trying to figure out what you are trying to say.

Make the language as simple as possible by using words that your visitors are familiar with. Also, ensure that you proofread your page or get it read by a third party to eliminate any error.

Grammatical errors may be interpreted differently. Your audience may assume that you don’t know what you are saying. The error may also lead to misinterpretation of the intended message.

Proof Elements


Provide proof elements to boost trust and credibility about your business. Testimonials from previous happy customers may trigger your visitor’s desire to take action just to achieve the same results.

Awards and accreditation are indications that you are among the best in the industry. This will make the visitors believe in your ability to deliver your promise.

Adding money-back guarantee will reassure your visitors that you will give them back their money if you don’t keep your part of the bargain. Your visitors will feel more secure with this win-win situation.

Have a section to showcase your expertise in the industry with relevant pictures where appropriate.

A Strong Call to Action

Website Landing Page Design

The call to action is a very crucial element in your landing page. It is the stage where your visitors convert into leads.

Use strong and emotion-triggering words in the call to action. Customize the call to action button and avoid the generic ‘’submit’’ as much as possible.

Add a sense of urgency or scarcity to trigger the desired emotion and entice your visitors to take the required action.

People often believe that quality products are in limited supply. A sense of scarcity will give the impression that your offer is really important.

Use an appealing color in the call to action button and make it contrast well with the background color.

Use the words ‘’free’’ or ‘’discounted’’ to increase the conversion rate. Your visitors will not want to miss the free offer.

Make the button big, bright enticing and strategically place it above the fold for easy scanning and identification.

 Emphasize the Value of the Offer


You should provide a valuable offer to your visitors. Use a few bullet points or short and clear paragraph to highlight the value of the offer.

Don’t just concentrate on listing what the landing page offers. Instead, briefly and clearly describe the specific value of your offer. This will reassure your customers that they are on the right page.

 A/B Testing


Make sure that you always test the various elements on your landing page. Find out which element combination works best for your campaign at each particular time.

Ensure that you keep up with the new useful trends. Find great ways of addressing the dynamic visitors’ needs to remain relevant in the industry.

 Use Relevant Visuals


Images and videos can increase your conversion rate if you use them appropriately.

Videos and images make it easy for the visitors to understand your content and remember the content for a longer duration. It is easy to demonstrate a process using videos and images.

Ensure that the images and the visuals are relevant and consistent with your content and offer.

 Remove the Main Navigation


Remove the main navigation from the page to avoid distracting them and keep them longer on your page to perform the intended tasks hence high conversion rates on your landing page.



Creating an excellent website landing page doesn’t have to be an uphill task. Use the tips we have discussed to create your unique design.

You can also contact us at Lander for professional input. We have a team of experienced staff that will help you to design the best landing page to give you more leads.