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5 Essentials for Best Video Landing Pages

A video is a very engaging medium of information. There are many rules in creating video landing pages so as to increase optimization.

These include keeping the video short, placing the video above the fold, including a CTA in the video which will drive the conversion, and select the best engaging thumbnail.

But you can always go a bit against the grain to create a new and refreshing experience for your users and hence increase conversions.

The leading software to achieve this is Landerapp which is an amazing SEO software app. This article will guide you on what to do to achieve the best video landing pages with easy steps.

Video Landing Pages #1: Use a Good Thumbnail


Video Landing Pages


You have to ensure that your video landing pages tempt the user enough to click on them. Most people think a thumbnail is a static image from a video which has a play button overlaid on it which the users can click to watch the video.

If you decide to go with such a thumbnail never forget to conduct an A/B test so as to get the best image for your thumbnails so as to ensure you get more conversions on your video landing page.

Today there is a more creative way to make your thumbnail.  You can make your thumbnail to be a looping video which will immediately attract the attention of your user.

Video Landing Pages #2: The Position of the Video


Video Landing Pages


Since the video is a very tempting aspect of your landing page it should be placed at the top of the fold so that it is the first thing that your users see so that they can click on it and convert on your page.

It is important to keep your landing page simple and not distracting but that doesn’t mean you only put one video on your page.

You can have one main video which contains all the important info and have more videos throughout your page explaining more about the message you are sending to your users.

Video Landing Pages #3: Rich Video Content


why? To be valuable for a wide audience but make it specific enough to communicate to one viewer. It is important to avoid having your users sift through the content so as to get the information they are looking for.

You should ensure that you the key message of your landing page is clear in the video and that the video has enough information to back up your message and explain more to the user.

You can also make the message on the video specific to one user which will create more trust between you and the viewer and hence lead to more conversions.

Video Landing Pages #4:  Don’t Make the Video a Standalone Experience


It is important that as much as you embrace videos in your landing page, you also add written content to your page so that you diversify your viewers.

There are those viewers who would prefer to read the information you are offering rather than watch a video.

Video Landing Pages #5:  Size your video so it gets noticed


Video Landing Pages


When using a video on your landing page you would want the video to stand out so that the viewer’s attention is attracted to it.

You should ensure that the video or videos fill out the whole page and drown out every other content on the page.

You should ensure that you make the videos into the appropriate size according to the value they offer the videos. The hero video’s size should be bigger than that of the feeder videos which offer more info.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have been left the wiser about video landing pages essentials!