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Why Video Landing Pages are a Deal Breaker in Marketing

Many are the instances when the importance of landing pages is talked about. Great landing pages attract conversions and contribute greatly towards the success of a given business. But then again, have you ever thought of Video landing pages?

Incorporating a video on your landing page may seem funny if not tempting. But as with most cases, just because you have videos doesn’t bring out the sense that you should necessarily use them. So, should you use them?

What are Video Landing Pages?


Well, no need of using complex explanations. Video landing pages are pages with sandwiched videos for the purpose of giving out illustrations on the value of the brand on offer.

Oft times, the video on the page is attached to a standalone player like y2mate, Vimeo, or YouTube, together with immobile portraits and text using standard HTML code.

It’s very rare for video landing pages to have the same feature as a multimedia video, but perhaps it has been given a trial by a movie studio of an elegant startup somewhere in the city.

What are the Advantages of Video Landing Pages?

Video Landing Pages

Apart from a great appearance – if handled with care and in a correct manner, video landing pages come with a number of gains that their predecessor can’t equal. Below are some of the advantages of video landing pages.

Breaking the Complexity Of a Product


Perhaps your business is offering a complex product – let’s take for instance a SaaS organization like world stream; landing pages with video are an outstanding approach to explain it all in an eyes’ blink.

Incorporating videos in landing pages allows you to go a step ahead and explain complicated gradations of the commodity much faster and efficiently than words could. In fact, videos give clear illustrations and sites out the benefits of your products and services attractively and in a friendly way.

Entertaining Viewers


Many may not know this; however, if you can be at a point of entertaining your prospects, then you stand a high chance of creating more conversions.

Why? A considerable number of people react positively to emotional prompts; these emotional cues make people hit the play button.

The common and the most wanted thing to having an increment in your conversion rate is dynamically engaging your viewers.

Success in this area can only be achieved through the use of videos. If you can only steal the prospects’ attention, creating conversions will be a simple task.

Act as Discounts and Offers


Similar to emotional cues, countless people respond positively to videos that are worth and genuine.

If the video you embedded on the landing page can achieve this and get potential customers converted, there is a great probability that your products and services have been incorporated in the mind of the prospect which brings a win-win instance for both parties.

Are Video Landing Pages for a Specific Business?


There is no specific business that is set to benefit from video landing pages, almost all business can benefit from sandwiching videos on their landing pages.

Nonetheless, just like all other things, video benefits may vary from one business to another. Some may receive more benefits than others.

It’s now clear that any business can benefit from a video landing page. Well, then you should start asking yourself some complex quizzes about the approach you ought to embrace without jeopardizing conversions.

Should you implement Autoplay?


Right, the question itself is basically a no-brainer. Not only the video playing automatically annoys but it’s more annoying when you can’t trace the playback tabs. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea in most cases to give your prospects freedom and control over the play button, but in video landing pages it can be a bit risky.

First and foremost, it may be tricky for your audience to understand that they are required to press the “play” icon. This may lead to mix-up and have them even abandon your landing page. Besides, to capture the attention of your audience, you basically have few seconds – worthy time that your glossy, skillfully created video could be trailing each and every second that passes.

Conversely, the real fact of the hate that people have on autoplay should not be joked with. In the long run, the only way to succeed in this is carrying out an A/B test of two forms of your video landing pages; one having an autoplay and the other one giving your audience control over the play icon.

What Should be the Length of the Video?


The other quiz that ought to ring in your mind is how long your video should play. In most cases, people always miscalculate the length of the video and the time it will take to produce the whole video.

It doesn’t matter how valuable the information in the video is or what machines have been used to produce it, what matters is the attention you are seeking from your audience.

If you are at a position of producing various video versions, of which they are distinct from each other and you are able to test them, then it is highly recommended that you use shorter videos, preferably 60 seconds – long enough to provide essential information about your brand.

Should you Include Animations?

Video Landing Pages

A lot of companies out there demonstrate composite concepts using animation, word stream is one of them.

The use of animation is quite funny and of great affectivity, nonetheless, you are required to invest a lot of time and energy on it. This may cause a considerable increment in cost and in the production process.

Probably you don’t have a videographer who is well informed with in-house animation; the best thing to do at this point is outsourcing the help of production companies which would be quite expensive.

Literally, it could cost you several thousands of dollars to come up with a complex, effective and well-built animation.

Otherwise, you can try out some software packages like Adobe to come up with your own animations.

Adobe provides various effects that help in the creation of exciting animations which can be disseminated into harmonizing editing packages such as the adobe premiere.

However, it is not for a mere person to operate this software. They require a lot of learning, attitude, and determination but don’t get stressed; Lander has a dedicated team of professionals who are experts in the formulation of converting video landing pages.

What Space Should Your Video Take?


It’s very clear that people use different devices to access your landing page. Others may use tablets and smartphones while others may decide to use laptops and desktops with wide screens.

Therefore, it is of ultimate significance that you use a video size that takes care of all your audience.

You may consider a video size of 650 pixels wide. Well, that’s good of you. However, you need to experiment with other different sizes until you hit the equilibrium between realism and visibility.



No one wants to create a landing page that will recoil prospects. Therefore, to fashion video landing pages that attract a big audience and has a high conversion rate you need to observe three things.

To start with, capture the attention of the audience. Secondly, come out clear and substantial in what your brand is all about, and finally, reassure your prospects that you are honest and can be trusted.

Those are enough tips and insights to help you know why you require video landing pages. Better yet, get save on costs and time by getting one of our well-priced templates.

For the best designed and optimized landing pages, engage Lander’s team of online marketing experts for high converting landing pages.