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Key Benefits of Video Landing Pages That Converts

They're pretty much exactly what they sound like – video landing pages are landing pages with embedded video to help illustrate the value of the product or service on offer.

Usually, the video on the landing page is embedded in a standalone player, such as YouTube or Vimeo, alongside static images and text using standard HTML code.

It’s uncommon for a video landing page to be a full-screen “multimedia experience,” but it’s probably been tried by a movie studio or a fancy startup somewhere in the world.

Aside from looking great (if handled correctly and produced to a high standard), video landing pages have several benefits that their traditional counterparts just can’t match.

Let's talk through some of the benefits of video landing pages:

Video Landing Pages Make Complex Products More Accessible


If your business offers a complex product, video landing pages are an excellent way to cover and explain a lot of information in a short period of time.

Videos can walk a prospect by using a product or service, explain intricate nuances of the product much faster and effectively than text could, and even illustrate the benefits of using the product or services in a more attractive, engaging way.

Video Landing Pages Entertain the Prospects


Video Landing Pages


They may not know it yet, but if you can manage to entertain the prospects, you stand a much higher chance of them actually converting. Why? This is because people respond positively to emotional cues.

One of the biggest challenges to increase conversion rates is actively engaging the prospects, and this is the area in which videos can excel.

If you can grab and sustain the target audience’s attention, converting them will be easier.

Whether you accomplish this through the use of animation or through other means such as comedy, video landing pages offers the unique opportunity to make the product and business entertaining – a considerable challenge for plain old text-based landing pages.

The Video Landing Pages Can Function as an Offer


Video Landing Pages


Just as most people respond positively to emotional cues, many prospects will respond positively to videos that provide them with genuine value.

If the video landing page can accomplish this, it reinforces the value of your brand in the mind of the prospect – a win-win for everyone.

It serves as a great example of how videos can further increase value for the prospect and take further actions i.e. convert into the lead.

Now the question is; what kind of businesses can benefit from these types of video landing pages?
The easy answer is that virtually any business can benefit from using video in their landing pages.

However, as with anything else, video landing pages can be particularly beneficial to certain businesses more so than others.

Businesses in ‘Boring’ Industries


Let’s face it – not everyone gets to work in the company of their choice.

Unlike the lucky people who sell adventurous vacations to wealthy daredevils, some of us have to sell insurance, boxes, and other vital yet unappreciated products.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up by using video to make your products a little more appealing.

Businesses in ‘Exciting’ Industries


Of course, sometimes the product is so exciting that mere words and pictures cannot adequately do it justice – video to the rescue!

If your company offers exciting products or services, video landing pages are the perfect way to make them shine and convince prospects to go the distance and convert via your video landing page.

These are some of the main uses and prospects of video landing pages. Hopefully, you can learn a little about how and when to use video landing pages and how they can prompt hesitant prospects to take action when a traditional landing page might struggle to convince them.