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Using the Power of Psychology to Boost Your Conversion Rates

Despite all of the impressive technology available to marketers today, one fact remains true today that was true for marketers 100 years ago – we are marketing to human beings. And people today have many, if not most of the same fears, goals and dreams they had at the turn of the 20th century.

Regardless of the product or service we are marketing and to whom we are marketing it, we need to remember that we are marketing to people. Our prospects and customers are all human. And they are all subject to the influence of human psychology.

Do You Want A Marketing Advantage?

If you want to gain a distinct advantage over many of your competitors, if you want to turbocharge your marketing results and take them to undreamed of heights, harness the awesome power of buyer psychology and let it permeate your design, your content marketing, your copywriting and every possible aspect of your online and offline marketing.

So what are some key steps you can take add “psychological steam” to your marketing?  and increase your conversion rate? Keep reading. We're going to talk about that today.

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.” - Robert Frost

Remember this and let it influence your marketing in a big way: people make buying decisions based on emotional factors, to one degree or another. Even in a B2B marketing situation, you are dealing with people, and people are emotional creatures.

In online marketing, we are setting the stage for sales to happen, either through an e-commerce store, or in a B2B situation where we place readers into our funnel and nurture them as leads until a sales attempt is made by a sales rep in person or on the phone.

It has been said that “selling is the transfer of emotions from one person to another”. In our online marketing content and copywriting, we need to sell, and we need to arouse the emotions of our readers to trigger conversion rate. Consider the quote a few lines above from Robert Frost, and consider that legendary direct-response marketer Dan Kennedy has said that the enthusiasm you feel when you are writing your marketing copy affects its ability to help you sell. 

A Strange Secret

Using The Power Of Psychology To Boost Your Conversion Rates

One of the strangest secrets of writing copy and content that arouses your readers' emotions and makes them want to buy from you is this: the emotions you are feeling when you are writing your messages affect your potential customers' emotions when they are reading it.

Do you want your readers to feel enthusiasm for your product? Then feel very enthusiastic when you are writing your marketing messages, and transfer those emotions from your heart to your reader's heart!

Indeed, your copywriting and content need to have an element of emotion to them. You need to arouse emotions in your readers. One copywriting technique that can help you do this, a technique we've talked about so often on this blog, is to focus your message on your reader, not on your product or company.

Your reader does not get emotional over your product's features and specifications. He gets emotional over himself, his family, his dreams, his goals and his problems. He will get quite emotional – as in an emotional state likely to lead to a sale – if you show him how your product can benefit him, if you demonstrate to him in bold, vivid terms how your product can help him solve a painful, nagging problem.

It's smart marketing to show your reader the benefits your product can offer him, at least the specific benefits he cares about. But why not take this idea a step (or ten) further and paint a “word picture” in which he can easily place himself through his imagination, a picture of him enjoying the benefits and the lifestyle your product will offer him.

A Deep Psychological Motivator

One of the deepest, most fundamental behaviors of human psychology is the drive to avoid pain. We also seek pleasure, and this is a strong psychological trigger, but the drive we have to avoid pain is stronger.

If possible, use this in your marketing! Do you have a product or service that will help your reader avoid a painful problem?

First paint a vividly emotional picture of how unpleasant that particular pain would be. Then talk about how your wonderful product can help your reader avoid that situation. Conversely, if your product provides a particular pleasure your reader wants, you can talk about this also.

Let's say you are a high-end travel agent, and your ideal customer prefers trips to tropical destinations around the world. And let's say your specialty is booking all-inclusive Caribbean getaways. In your marketing messages, talk in vivid, EMOTIONAL detail about what a fun time your customer will have when he books his next Caribbean trip with you.

For this approach to work – either the avoidance of pain or the offering of pleasure, you need to have a solid understanding of your customer's mindset, his fears, desires, etc. What some see as pain, others might see as pleasure, as strange as this sounds. For example, some people love running marathons and get pleasure from this.

Other people find the idea ludicrous and can't fathom why anyone would get enjoyment from such a pursuit. Bottom line – know your customer!!

Do You Make Your Readers Feel Important?

Using The Power Of Psychology To Boost Your Conversion Rates

The basic human emotions include excitement, security and validation. Let's focus on validation for a moment. People want - they CRAVE - the feeling of validation. They long to feel important and accepted. They want to understand that someone “gets” them.

And as a marketer, if you will offer them this very powerful feeling, in sincere fashion of course, many of your readers will be attracted to you like chunks of steel to a very strong magnet.

Make your readers feel important by focusing your message on them, using their name when possible (in an email for example) and showing them with utter sincerity they matter to you and you are determined to provide them with a great product and outstanding value.

Like A Snowball Rolling Downhill

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