Using Personas to Maximize Landing Page Conversion

What is a persona?

A persona is a fictitious “person” who relates to (and resonates with) the majority of a specific group that visit your website.

A persona is normally made up of:

·An avatar or photo

·Characteristics (age, level of education, ethnic background, romantic status)

·Career info (position, description of duties)

·His or her ideas and desired outcomes (and where your site fits into the equation)

·Environment (physical, social, technological)

·A signature thought/quote that encapsulates the persona’s highest priorities relative to your website.

The use of personas

Let the Data Guide You to Success

The only way to really know the right personas to create is to get in the trenches and do some testing. As many in the marketing world are aware, when you try to please everybody, you please nobody. Humans are made up into four types: competitive, humanistic, spontaneous and methodical.

When it comes to effective landing pages, be sure to address the more competitive & spontaneous types with a strong, engaging message with a direct call to action.

For the more methodical visitors, include some thought-provoking content near the top (such as a 6-step plan for something), and on that page, draw them in further down the sales funnel.

Get more leads:

From there, you can track who is going to each landing page, what percentage are leaving quickly (bounce rate), and other metrics such as what keywords they are putting into search engines, what country/city they are from, and what their goals are as their info paints a bigger picture of who they are.

Since most sites should have anywhere between 4-7 personas to be effective, you’ve got a huge opportunity to capture the attention of any person who comes across your landing pages as a result of their search.

After all, they are already interested in what you offer, and they want you to show them that you are the best fit for their time and investment.

When you use personas who sound like actual people (attitude, quotes, age, job, dislikes, etc.), you’re going to develop relationships with your visitors, and that’s the huge first step to higher conversions.

Key Takeaway:

When creating your personas, make sure that your copywriters have a strong feel for who they are, and can put themselves in the shoes of each persona to create the best-quality content possible. This is critical, since your personas are in reality your visitors.

Are you using personas on your Landing Pages?
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