Use Smart Website Tactics and Templates for Responsive Web Designs

Do you want to develop a brand-new website? Make sure that it has responsive or receptive web design, to leverage the mobile revolution taking place. When you have a responsive web design it is easy for a website to adapt to a wide range of devices seamlessly without any turbulence.

Furthermore, it can improve the SEO as well providing a perceptive web experience to the online users and viewers, thereby maximizing the chances to online lead conversions and increases mobile sales. It is easy to maintain a responsive web design and it also keeps the portal relevant in terms of online search results for a long time, ensuring great business.

There are several ways in which businesses can opt-in for responsive web designs! There are several website companies that specialize in web design services and suggest a variety of ways of going about it. There are many frameworks available for the same, such as Skeleton, Gumby, Bootstrap, Pure and Foundation. One of the most popular frameworks that are used in recent times is Bootstrap and CSS. Making the apt use of CSS media queries will make sure that your online viewers receive a hassle-free and seamless online browsing experience with your web portal gradually adapting with the size or screen device that’s being used.

Responsive website design templates

Also, one of the most crucial strategies to opt-in for is the responsive website templates. To know about these, you can check out Designmodo free HTML templates. The website templates get divided into static and dynamic templates. Usually, the mobile responsive website templates are WordPress templates. The three crucial ones to use are as follows:

• Divi

You can use Divi to build almost any kind of website. It is mobile responsive and flexible and comes with a vast series of pre-defined website packages. If you want you can also increase the speed of the template remarkably. The sample can get used in an exact manner and make the page ready with a few clicks. You will find a potent builder with Divi that enables you to enhance, edit as well as fine-tune the website design template layout. You can make changes and modifications based on your preferences. It is especially for users who refuse to use only the default settings. There’s no need for coding with this template.

If you are searching for a completely mobile-ready template, Divi is the one for you! It is also compatible with the cross-browsers and can work perfectly well with the sites having retina screens. With this template, your business website moves to a new paradigm altogether and impresses most users. The results are fascinating. You don’t need to spend on a designer or coder.


Are you planning to build a restaurant or food website? If yes, then this is the perfect template for that. It helps you to gain online prominence with your site and also expand the reach. The template will not cost you anything and the outcomes are going to be stunning. The template presents you with premium website template functions and features and makes a difference to the way in which average sites function and look. This responsive website template comes with a full-screen slider, which welcomes the users to the site. When you design and customize it smartly, you can win more customers and users and maximize online visibility.
That is not all! Feliciano has several other features that you can explore, such as:
• Testimonial slider
• Scroll content loading
• Food menu
• Animated statistics
• Sticky menu
• Parallax impact
You can also make use of the online reservation form, for each user to book their table at your eatery or restaurant directly. Also, the template makes clever use of Google Maps, so that people can know the exact location.

• Lifelock

Are you planning to create a lifestyle blog? If yes, then Lifeleck might be the best option for you. It is also a good choice when you are on a new project and need an online space to structure your thoughts, content, and images. This website template appears creative, simple and stylish. And with all these three elements it can easily generate interest in most users who visit your site. The overall appeal is what will draw most users and then you can make the visit worth, by adding great content, images, smart CTA and other elements.
The template offers you a list of features. The crucial ones are:
• Social media icons
• A sticky navigation bar
• Newsletter subscription form
• A drop-down menu
• Instagram ready feed
All these and other template elements can enhance the look of your website. There’s also a contact page, which makes smart use of the Google Maps. You can also share various stories right from the start and take both your business and website to a new success level.

A few essential tactics
Responsive websites need updates. To ensure that the templates and sites stay responsive you can follow these tips:
• Keep your website layout agile and simple, so that it can adapt seamlessly to any screen size without any hassle. It’s always best to select a liquid grid.

• Opt-in for more devise relative design templates that have their minimum and maximum sizes defined.

• Ensure that the website content is adjustable as well on multiple screen sizes and that there are no readability concerns.

• Include responsive videos and images that are adjustable to any screen size as well. This makes mobile or tablet navigation easy and hassle-free.

• Opt-in for box-sizing that enables you to stay in total control of the website size, even when you resize it.

• Utilize Meta Tags, fancy tiles and breakpoint to set up a website that’s responsive.
Also, ensure that your website design isn’t cluttered and that it’s free from several menus and columns. The ideal way out is to get the website “linearized” through the usage of single column low resolution style sheets along with smart menus. Make use of the plug-ins that might minimize the touch delay, that can make the website appear very slow, indicating a downtime problem.