Marketing Blogs

What are Marketing Blogs and How Do they Benefit your Business?

Marketing Blogs … we’ve seen them, we’ve heard them. They trend one minute, they disappear the next minute. Millions of people around the globe have gotten the idea in their heads that blogs are the ‘in-thing ‘and no one wants to be left behind.

One thing that remains constant is the fact that blogs are here to stay, in particular, marketing blogs which are very versatile.

So, what is a Blog Anyway?


“Weblog” was the term previously used to refer to blogs and was then shortened to just “blog.” The first blogs appeared in the 1990’s and were basically personal online diaries where people would write stuff about themselves and their lives.

During this time, blogs were pretty much just websites: you had to update them manually keeping in mind that people then weren’t very familiar with the internet so blogs were only left to the “smart” ones who knew how to handle web pages.

This was a huge turn off for many who didn’t consider themselves techies but Livejournal and then Blogger developed platforms that were super easy to use and didn’t require you to be an IT guru.

Come early 2000 and WordPress joined the game and very quickly grew into one of the biggest blogging platforms.

Websites and Blogs


What is the difference between a website and a blog?  You may ask.

1. One Big Difference Is Engagement

Marketing Blogs

A website is more static, in the sense that once it’s put up, little or no interaction goes on between the site owner and the visitors.

Blogs, on the other hand, are a hub of engagement; visitors to the blog can interact with the site owner by asking questions, posting as guests, getting recommendations and so on.

That’s why blogs are often lumped together with social media because of the level of interaction involved.

2. Update Frequency


Websites can have the same information for years running with just occasional updates. Blogs, to the contrary, are like newspapers or magazines, they are constantly updated with the latest information on what’s new or what’s happening.

Marketing Blogs


Since blogs are so versatile, many marketers and entrepreneurs soon saw it as a tool that can be effectively used to market products.

Blogs then started being used to provide information about services and products and got sales and new customers. Just like that marketing blogs were created.

There are millions of blogs used to market all over the internet. How do you make yours stand out?

Tips to Use to Stand Out in your Marketing Blogs


Have a marketing plan- Once you’ve created your blog, have a plan for it. Don’t just randomly post any information at whatever time. Choose what works best for your readers.

Target your content – Don’t just write for an unknown mass of people. Find out more about your industry, your market, your audience and write content that specifically targets them.

Example: If you’re a fashionista and you’re marketing women’s clothes, narrow down to your audience, is it career women? The stay at home mom? College students? High-fashion artists?

If you’re targeting high fashion artists, you’ll know that they are always on the lookout for what’s new, different and edgy, the crazier the better. Knowing this will help you to know how to write your content to entice them.

Originality & honesty – There are millions of bloggers stand out, be original. It doesn’t matter whether the topic you’re writing about has been discussed to the point of boredom, give it a new twist, a new angle, keep your readers guessing and hungrily waiting for what you’ll dish out next.

 Honesty; since blogs are interactive and most of your followers will take as gospel truth whatever you post. Be honest, research, know what you’re writing and give the right information always.

Serve a little controversy. You might be like, “what? Are you kidding me?” No. Controversy sells, people eat it up.

Once in a while light things up with different opinions. You’ll get the haters and trolls of course, but hey, you’re here to do business.

Guest blogging – One of the coolest ways to increase readership on your blog is to get published in one of the top shelf and prestigious blogs.

Marketing Blogs

It drives traffic to your blog where readers will get more about your other content. Of course, if you want your content to get published in one f the top tier blogs, it has to be excellent.

Simplify subscriptions – It’s been said again and again. Make it simple. People online don’t have to search for your RSS button where you hid it. Offer email subscriptions, provide links to mobile feeds. Remember that your following will build fast if you make all this easy.

Social media marketing – Use social media resources to your advantage; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. Tailor your posts to suit each site and link them to your blog.

Every time you make a new post on your blog, update it in all these sites. Lander has great tools and expertise to assist you in upping your social media marketing if you’re falling behind or just can’t do it.

Teach – Do you realize how fast readers unsubscribe or unfollow if they realize that they’re not learning much from your blog, it’s the same old stuff, or if you overdo it and flood their feeds? Find the balance and get content that can truly be beneficial to your readers even if it’s from other sites.

Why should I Blog Anyway?


Inexpensive – It will not cost you much to start and get your blog running. There are even free blogging platforms like If you want a professional and polished look, however, it’s better to use a self-hosted option.

It’s simple – Blogging platforms are very easy to use. Copy, paste, drag, drop, upload- these are basically all you require to have your blog looking professional.

It’s personalized – People are attracted to things that they can identify with. With a blog, it’s easy to add a personal touch and since you’re writing for your target audience, it easily gives them the opportunity to identify with and buy.

Show off your expertise- If you’re an expert on something, a blog gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge and gain the trust within your industry.

This helps you build a trustworthy brand as people are always sure that they can always get useful tips and advice from you. They will, in turn, feel safe to spend their money on your products or services.

Interaction- A blog enables you to interact directly with your customers or market. You will not only build rapport but also get firsthand feedback about your services and products.

Search engine ranking - Many business people and marketers use blogging for search engine optimization or to improve your search engine ranking.



Marketing blogs are versatile. The things you could do with one are limitless, you can advertise, promote other products, get sponsors and make money even beyond your products.

Be patient as the process takes time and this is the internet. Turn those marketing blogs into a marketing hub for your products and services.