Landing Page

Underestimation of Landing Page Loading Speed For Your Online Business

In recent times, everybody in the business industry is shifting to online business 6 to the many benefits accrued to it. Among the advantages reaped from engaging in online business are:

  • One is exposed to a greater audience for their products which directly translates to a greater market.
  • One is able to carry out business from any part of the world without necessarily having to visit that place.
  • Greater flexibility and professionalism allows for improved client service and thus satisfaction. There is faster delivery of goods since one does not have to be physically present for business to take place.
  • It is less costly and saves on a lot of resources including paper work as well as storage space.

Landing Page

The landing page experience can be described as the experience website visitors when they visit the landing page.

The landing page is the website page that one end up in when they click your advertisements. The loading speed is the time it takes to access to access the landing page.

Quick landing page loading speed is therefore very essential in the online business. One should be able to access the online sites with as much speed and ease as possible.

This makes the user’s experience exciting and they would thus be willing to visit the online portal where they can do business.

One, therefore, should not underestimate the importance of landing page loading speed in online business. Online business includes search marketing as well as search engine optimization.

What actually determines whether a website visitor is willing to use a particular site or how fast they access the site. In business especially, one might need to sell or purchase a product very urgently and if it takes too long to access the product one would rather a site where landing page loading speed is fast enough.

A particular site may be such that it has a very aesthetic design, it is very pleasing to look at and use, has enough content about products and services as well as new nifty functionality but all these might not count if it has slow landing page loading speed.

For most people, 2 seconds is basically the threshold for ecommerce website acceptability.

Benefits of Fast Landing Page Loading Speed

Among the many benefits related with underestimation of landing page loading speed for your online business are.

  • Your online business site will be highly ranked when it comes to search engine rankings and therefore this is assurance that many website visitors will visit your site and thus more business for you.
  • How fast your site loads affects shopping behavior. People will shop more if it takes very few seconds to access your site with a majority preferring that it takes them less than 2 seconds. There is customer satisfaction and they will definitely visit your site and shop again.
  • A fast site leads to higher conversions which is attributed to a good user experience. There is a huge boost and this could be attributed to improved market conditions as well as the overall turnover in search traffic from most probably SEO to paid search.
  • There is optimization of digital marketing attributed to fast landing page loading speed.

Disadvantages of Fast Landing Page Loading Speed

Among the many disadvantages associated with underestimation of landing page loading speed for your online business is

  • Page abandonment- Website Users will fail to visit your page to carry out business since it takes too long for the page to load and this is justifiable since to them every second counts. This is particularly bad for business since a site could be very well equipped, designed and run in terms of online business but unfortunately, people hardly visit it. This is a loss for the owner of the site who could have invested a lot.
  • A site that takes long to load causes impatience with your customers and this has quite a negative impact since it impacts on their perception as well as loyalty to your brand. They are not going to recommend your site to anyone as well as buy or sell again.
  • A slow landing page loading speed would result in you paying higher for advertising cots as well as operating costs in order to compete with the other better quality ads and landing pages with whom you are competing for the same market.

In the case where your site may have slow landing page loading speed, do not give up and consider it all lost.  There are a few measures that you can take that will serve as a remedy.

  • Optimization of images.
  • Revamping of code.
  • Regular measurement and improvement of time to interact (TTI) speed.
  • Application of fast and reliable hosting servers.
  • Use of breakpoints where one is using mobile phones.
  • Use of Pagespeed Insights to measure the performance of the landing page.