Promoted Tweets

Are You Using Promoted Tweets to Market Your Brand?

Twitter is one of the best online platforms you can use to market your business. You can use the normal tweets or opt for the promoted tweets.

Twitter promoted tweets help you to reach out to a larger market base. They can be retweeted, liked or commented on just like the normal tweet ads. The only difference is the larger market command.

Simple Steps to Create a Promoted Tweets


1. Set up a Twitter advert account.

2. Sign into the account and find your Twitter profile.

3. On the Twitter profile, click on the tweet that you want to promote.

4. After clicking the ‘’promote your tweet button’’ confirm your target audience, how much t to spend on purchasing the ad and your preferred payment option.

5. Log into your ads account to view the result of the tweet. You have the liberty to stop the tweet or make changes to the promotion at any time. You can do this by visiting the ads campaign dashboard to make the desired changes.

Advantages of the Promoted Tweets


1. Twitter is not so crowded with ads like Google or other online marketing sites. This makes the promoted tweets cheaper than the other ads.

2. Promoted tweets enable you to reach out to a larger audience, thus more traffic on your website. This in return leads to a high lead generation for the growth of your business.

3. You have the option to choose your preferred target audience. This makes it easy to customize the ads and the landing page to meet their specific needs.

4. Promoted tweets are mobile friendly, making them great since many people use mobile devices to tweet.

5. You only need to pay for the tweets when you engage your customers.

6. The tweets increase your chances of interacting with the customers. It is possible for the followers to like your tweets, leave comments or retweet. Treat each comment as an opportunity to strike a conversation with the customers.

Disadvantages of the Promoted Tweets


1. You have the liberty to choose your target audience but it is left for Twitter to decide if the selected audience will view the ad or not.

This may result in your tweets ending up in the feeds you did not intend them to land into. And you will be required to pay for any comments that result from that, whether positive or negative.

2. A large number of viewers could be bad news sometimes. Take for example when a viewer leaves a negative comment.

Many viewers following the tweet will most likely see the negative comment about your products or company. This may see your business scramble down in minutes.

The Evolution of Promoted Tweets


1. 2010 - The promoted tweets were launched in 2010 with the aim of providing ads to a specific target market.

2. 2012- After the success of the more targeting tweets, Twitter cards were made available. This card enabled the advertisers to add visuals and links to their tweets, giving a higher lead generation.

3. 2013- Conversion tracking was launched in 2013. This enabled the advertisers to actually compare different promoted tweets and determine which promoted tweet gives the most leads.

4. 2014- Goal oriented promotions were availed. Through this, advertisers were now able to choose the goals for their tweets and decide on the price to pay for their choice depending on the expected returns.

5. 2015- Shortcuts to promoting tweets, ‘’quick promote’’ was launched in 2015. This made the whole process of purchasing the promoted tweets simple and faster.

How you can use the Promoted Tweets

1. To Create Awareness

Promoted Tweets


You can do this through the following

• By expanding the reach of your content like a blog post.

• Connecting with influencers and brand advocate to increase trust and credibility.

• Promoting awareness about your products and different events.

2. To Drive Specific Actions


You can do this by

• Asking users to click on your best content and see what you have to offer.

• Giving offers and deals. Make the deals enticing and interesting. The deals should also arouse curiosity in the mind of the followers.

• Promoting sales and giveaways on your tweets. Give free or discounted offers if possible, to get more traffic.

• Generating leads using lead generation cards like the website tweet card.

Where do the promoted tweets appear for viewing?

1. Home Timeline


You can promote a tweet that meets a particular market segment. This tweet will appear within the timeline of the user whenever they log in.

2. User Profiles


The tweets may appear on the profiles of particular users depending on the relevancy of your content.

3. Official Tweeter Clients


The tweets from other related adverting companies may appear on tweeter’s official desktop and other mobile devices.

Twitter Cards

Promoted Tweets

There are different types of Twitter cards. Each card serves a particular function. Website card is an example of the Twitter card. It serves the purpose of increasing visitors to the website and traffic page.

The website card has an image which blends well with the tweet copy form. The headline is also clear and contains a strong call to action. All these are essential features that help in lead generation.

Brands that use the website card:

1. Hulu

Hulu uses the Twitter website card. Embedded on the card, is a video and a link to the landing page.

2. Ancestry

Ancestry used the tweet card to give links as well as creating awareness about their product and in result get maximum returns.

Important Tips to Remember


1. The promoted tweets will be available for viewing on the user’s timeline only if the tweet is of interest and relevance to that particular user. The platform gauges this by considering what the user is following, their interactions with specific tweets and their comments on the tweets

2. The tweet will appear once in the timeline of the user. It will then scroll down through the timeline of the user just like other normal tweets

3. Combining normal tweets with the promoted tweets will allow you to reach out to a large market base as well as increasing awareness about your products.

This in return will drive more traffic to your landing page. The end result will be a maximum lead generation.

4. For the promoted account, you only pay for the followers that you get from the campaign. However, promoted tweets require that you pay for all the engagements on your tweet.

It is therefore very important to select your market segment carefully to get maximum returns from the pay that you make.



Promoted tweets are an easy way to create traffic and to generate leads for your business. Identify your target audience to optimize the tweet costs. Also, make sure that you monitor the performance of the online campaign you paid for.

However, setting up promoted tweets doesn’t offer all the solutions you need for your business. An optimized landing page could be the answer you need. The pages are designed to meet your specific niche and fit your offers.

Create your optimized landing page today with Lander; get the insights of an experienced and skilled team to give professional input to your landing page for the maximum lead generation.