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Anatomy of a Great Travel Landing Page That Actually Converts – Part 2

The travel industry is one of the industries that have massively grown over the past couple of years. Well, this might be good or bad news to you as a business owner depending on how you deal with the stiff competitions that come with such growth. The most effective and efficient way to deal with the competition is resorting to online marketing through a travel landing page to reach out to a large market.

But, how do you make sure that you take advantage of the online market and stand out from the rest? Having an effective landing page is the answer.

The landing page, if created well, will help in converting people who visit your page into leads thus giving you maximum returns on investment.

How you can use the travel landing page

To Give Customers Flight Deals


Some clients may postpone buying their tickets with the hope that the price would go down on later dates.

But in most cases, several companies don’t really lower their prices at the last minute, especially when the demand is high.

Offering your customers cheaper deals will not only encourage them to return to your page, but they may just do buy your offer. Who doesn’t like cheaper things?

Case example

Travel Landing Page

GoLastMinute is one of the travel companies known for offering deals for this last minutes habit.

And they don’t just achieve results by offering the deals on their travel landing page and then wait for the magic. Their landing page does the magic for them as discussed below.

• Their logo is not linked to the homepage. This minimizes distractions and people can stay longer on the page to read more.

• Their headline, ‘’last-minute flights,’’ and sub-headline, ‘’find last minute flight deals from 99 dollars’’ are effective and very strong. The headline grabs the readers’ attention and the sub-header gives more insights about the headline.

• The email space helps them collect many emails from those who visit the page.

• Their page is generally attractive and eye-catching. The blue airplane is strategically and deliberately placed pointing towards the form copy.

• The generic call to action ‘’continue’’ is just too boring and plain. It leaves the reader with questions rather than answers or curiosity and desire. A customized call to action like ‘’ find the best flight deals now’’ could result in more leads.

• The page design is not consistent, a beach background, cartoons below the fold and a professional photo at the bottom right is just too much combination for one page. This limits trust and credibility. Consistent professional photos could boost lead generation.

To Give Information on Timeshare Vacations


You can use the page to convince your potential clients that timeshares are worth considering despite their high costs.

You are supposed to customize your form to make it more appealing to the eye and enticing to take this action.

Using a contrasting color, positioning the button about timeshares above the fold and giving great vacation images are effective ways to sell the benefits of timeshare vacations to your clients.

Case Example: Sheraton Vacation Club


What they did well:

• They offered many vacationing options for their customers to choose from. This was a great idea considering the high cost and versatility of timeshare vacations.

• The resort images are attention-grabbing and consistent with their background.

What Could be A/b Test in your Travel Landing Page:


• The green CTA button is not so eye-catching and attention-grabbing since it is used elsewhere on the page. A contrasting and stand-alone CTA button with a different color such as yellow could be better.

• The hyperlinked logo is just so distracting and gives the visitors exit route before they even convert. We are sure you do not want this on your page. Do you?

• What about moving the small print at the bottom of the page to the privacy policy or terms and conditions section?

• A stronger, clear and value-driven call to action button like ‘’ send me my next vacation offers’’ could give more leads compared to their vague and not so enticing generic ‘’send information’’ button.

To Book Vacations


Saving your clients with planning, budgeting, and booking related stress could just be a plus to your business.

Take into considerations the market cost of these services to help you quote the best price on your landing page. Consider the four tips below to make it more effective.

1. Remove main navigation to avoid distractions and confusion.

2. Use images to make it friendly and to enhance readers’ memorability.

3. Add testimonials and reviews from your previous clients to build trust.

4. Use precise and value-driven headline and a strong call to action.

Case Example: Liberty Travel


What they did well:

• The image is enticing and gives the visitors the feeling that the staff of Liberty is fun and friendly to work with.

• The ‘’click to call’’ button gives an assurance that the visitors can easily make any inquiries about the company.

What Could Be A/B Test On The Landing Page:


• The headline ‘’find the best deal’’ is not leading or inciting to take actions. A value-driven headline talking of the exact deal could be better.

• A stronger and inspiring CTA could result in more leads.

• The red CTA button isn’t eye-catching. It has been used elsewhere on the travel landing page.

• What about including testimonials from previous customers who had a great experience traveling with the company? This could enhance trust.

To Generating Travel Report Downloads


You can use the travel landing page to give your clients the opportunity to read various travel reports. Provide clickable download button and avoid the generic ‘’download’’ button as much as you can.

Instead, use strong actionable words with a sense of direct benefit. You can use a lot of white space to draw attention to the most important element.

Case Example: Skift

Travel Landing Page

What they did well:

• The used a leading image, showing visitors the value to be achieved.

• A lot of white space organizes the page and draws attention to the most important elements of the page.

What Could be A/B test on the Travel Landing Page


• The podcast links serve no purpose rather than just confusing the visitors.

• The generic ‘’submit’’ and ‘’download’’ are not enticing.

• The form is too long, with unnecessary information like company name and job title. Hey, an email address is just enough to download travel reports.

To Search For Rental Cars


Rental cars are very essential in the travel industry. With the stiff competition in this niche, you may opt for a travel landing page to reach your clients and expand your market command. List all the rental car suppliers to boost trust and credibility.

Case Example: Airport Rental Cars


What they did well

• Their form copy is short and easy to fill out.

• The orange CTA is eye-catching since it is not used elsewhere in the page.

• The SUV image is relevant and strategically placed pointing the form to draw attention.

• They list all the suppliers of the rental cars for trust purposes.

What Could Be A/B Test


• The company should test a different version where the main navigations are removed.

• A value-driven and persuasive CTA button may just result in more customer conversions.



Remember you have to stand out from the crowd to get returns on your investments. Lander will give your travel landing page a professional touch. Contact them today for the best page. Look at part one of our travel landing page.