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Top Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Sales Funnel Using Social Media

If you want to have a successful business online, you’ve got to put a sales funnel in place, as this takes your visitors and turns them into customers.

This can only work, however, if you’re actually getting visitors.

One of the best ways to do that is through social media, as this will both allow you to funnel visitors, as well as build up your social media profile – which in turn will allow you to pull more people into your funnel in the weeks, months and years to come.

Today we’re going to discuss how to exactly do that.

Use Great Images

The first thing people see on most social media networks is an image. It has to grab them.

If it doesn’t, then the rest of your content can be utterly fantastic, but it won’t make a shred of difference as they’ll never look at it. So get great images – and preferably ones that everybody else hasn’t already used a few dozen times.

Many picture websites only charge a tiny sum for you to get access to great imagery that, if your social network is big enough, will get you a slew of new visitors. And in that way will repay itself a dozen times over.

Write Great Headlines

This is the second step to drawing people to your website. After they’ve seen your image, they’re going to look at your headline.

Again, this has to rock. If it doesn’t, you’ve got the same problem as when your image didn’t rock. Fortunately, if you’re not that familiar with the headline writing process, there is a lot of help out there.

Check out Copyblogger, Peter Sandeen, and The Daily Egg to get a handle on the formula of headline writing. This will give you a good idea of what works and what does not. In this way you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Don’t think you need that kind of thing? Then run an experiment.

Try writing up headlines as you see fit and try writing them up by the formulas provided. Then see which strategy draws in a bigger audience. I suspect you’ll soon be converted. Sure, it’s not as creative, but it’s highly effective. And if we wanted to be creative, we would be painters.

Create a Free Digital Product

With this I mean, create something like an ebook, a podcast, or a free lesson that is specifically targeted to your audience and then offer it up on your social media platforms.

So, if you’re running a content marketing website, then you might create something like ’50 ways to create great content’ or something of that sort.

If you target it correctly and you’ve built up an audience who is actually interested in the product you’re selling, then publishing this on social media will have a double whammy effect.

  • It will draw your audience to your site, where they might engage with your content
  • It will also pull them right into your funnel, as they supply you with an email address so as to get this digital product, allowing you to reach out to them again and again.

The great thing is that you can combine this with almost any of the other tricks mentioned on here.

You can push it on social media page, share it through such tools as Linkedin Pulse and even use paid advertising to get it in front of the right people. And you can push it again and again, knowing that people are going to stay interested.

Target the Right Social Media

Sure, Facebook might have the most followers, but that does not automatically make it the best social media platform for you to target. Instead, make certain that you’re on the right social media platforms. Check out this useful infographic to get an idea of who goes where: Top Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Sales Funnel Using Social Media

And so, if you’re targeting a younger audience, you should consider snapchat, while older audiences are more likely to be found on Facebook.

Offering professional services? Then Linkedin is more likely to be the right vehicle for you. And so on, and so on.

Don’t get yourself on too many social media platforms! Each platform has its own rules, its own ways of interaction and will demand a slice of your time.

Therefore, they can very quickly become overwhelming and too demanding.  And that just isn’t effective. Better to do a few social media platforms properly than to do a lot half-assed.

Post Your Content on Social Media

With this I don’t just mean links. That’s an obvious no brainer that I hopefully don’t have to explain to you. Instead, post content directly on social media.

The reason that this is a good idea is because social media networks favor their own networks over outside links. That means that just by posting the occasional content to Linkedin, for example, or putting up a video on Facebook, you’re going to reach a much larger audience.

Some social networks even have their own services that push interesting content, liked Linkedin Pulse. If you can get your content on there, then you’ll potentially reach thousands of new people.

Now obviously, you’ll still need to steer them to your site after that, but that is far easier to do when your actually reaching people.

Use Facebook Groups

Groups are great ways to bring together likeminded people who are interested in something related to your product. And so, find those that are related to what you do and start taking part of the conversation.

Even better, create your own groups and start pulling people in. It is vital that you don’t only use groups to push your product as then people will quickly get annoyed and leave. Instead, really aim to help people (and get help yourself) by offering advice, asking questions and drawing people in.

Hopefully other people will start using it in the same way and then a group like this will grow naturally. Then, occasionally you can push something that you’ve written that you think will be of particular interest to group members.

If you’ve made sure to actually participate, this can often draw in far more attention than you otherwise might, with the people far more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt, which will make all that work more than more worth it.

Don’t Oversaturate

Don’t hit up your social media audience with too many posts, as that will just annoy them and make it less likely they will actually click on any of your links.

Instead, experiment and try out how many posts actually work best in drawing in your audience.

In this way you’ll be able to get the most out of every time you post online and your audience is far less likely to get frustrated. This does not mean you can’t repost older material.

Most social media platforms do not show all of your followers your posts. Therefore you’ve sometimes got to post it several times. The trick, however, is to make certain that you wait a little while between posts, so that people who do see it again don’t get irritated by it.

Keep Trying And Tweaking

A social media strategy is a complicated thing. Therefore when you’re going through the process of building one, actually write up a plan and keep careful track of what you’re doing.

Programs like Google Analytics are vital in this regard, as they will show you what gives you sizable bumps and what doesn’t work at all.

Only when you know that can you tweak your strategy to make it more affective – otherwise you’re just shooting into the dark.

And how are you every going to pull more visitors into your sales funnel if that’s what you’re doing?