Effective Facebook Campaigns

Top Practices to Create More Effective Facebook Campaigns

Just how Rome wasn’t built in a day, a Facebook campaign isn’t something you can succeed at by waving a magic wand. It takes a battery of trials and creative steps to get the expected conversion rates. So how does one do that? What are the best possible ways to create a killer campaign that drives traffic to your website?? Here’s a summary of the best practices you can incorporate while creating a Facebook campaign.


Know Your Target Audience

Facebook is not just a generation Y social media platform. From teenagers to grannies, the total monthly active users on Facebook were reported to be up to 2.27 billion by the third quarter of 2018. How great an opportunity to make use of! To make the best sales, you need to know your target audience. Filtering that will help show your campaign to the relevant customers and improve the conversion rates.


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Make it Relevant

Advertising baby diapers on a teenager’s timeline doesn’t make sense, right? If your campaign’s content is way off your target audience, no matter how amazing it is, you would have a hard time getting sales. The content of your campaign should be in perfect alignment with what the target audience is looking for. That’s why the right message, to the right audience, at the right time holds so much importance in the digital world.


Propose an Enticing Value

Build your campaign around a value proposition that you think would attract more and more prospects. An excellent way to do this is to understand why your current customers are buying your product. For example, if they buy it because your products are worth the money, build your content based on this crucial factor and watch sales pouring in.


Take Help of Videos

Videos are one of the best ways to get in front of a prospective customer. A well-produced video can help convey a lot of information in a matter of seconds. Nowadays, a viewer’s attention span is usually short-lived, and videos are the best medium to hook a prospect and draw them towards your brand.


Be YOU-nique

99.9% of the human DNA is the same in everyone, it’s that remaining 0.1% that makes them unique. The same thing applies to a product. If your campaign doesn’t include how your product is unique from that of your competitors, it will not stand out. Having a unique and creative advertisement is just one part of this, which renders your product to be one of its kind.

Incorporate Multiple Products in One Campaign

Everyone likes having multiple products and services to choose from. Make sure you make the best use of the campaign by displaying a variety of products that are frequently used by your target audience. It will not only help increase sales by converting a viewer into a customer, but will also attract more viewers. Remember to add specific links to each product or service that you display.


Create a Bold and Attractive CTA

A boring, left-out call-to-action button will not call as much traction as you expect. It is vital to have a CTA button written in bold letters with a color that stands out from the rest of the content. The CTA button should be visible and attractive. Creating a sense of urgency by using words, such as “grab the last few”, “expires in an hour”, “hurry”, “buy now” and other phrases slip in your customer’s subconscious for them to choose quickly and go for your product.


Test, Test and Test!

Trying different landing page designs and formats for your campaign and testing them time and again is the best way to conclude what factors help improve the conversion rates. Testing is vital to keep the traffic coming to your website. Without testing, even a beautifully designed campaign might fail to bring expected results.


Key takeaways

When it comes to Facebook campaigns, a lot of factors come into play and only when you incorporate as many as possible, can you have a successful one. From using the right hashtags, compelling content, and leveraging facebook ads to using analytics to understand how the campaign is doing, it is crucial for every business to have a good hold on their Facebook business page as well. Once you are in synch with what you facebook target audience and prospects want, you can easily get noticed and followed and thereby, create a long-term lead generation way for your business.