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Top Mistakes to Avoid as a DBA Expert and Website Manager

Successful companies encourage the collaboration of various departments to attain a specific goal. This boils down to the important divisions of record keeping and information disbursement, which are important determinants of a company’s profits.

This is why it is vital for database administrators and website developers/designers to work in seamless teamwork.

Database developers are the best people to forward public information to the website developer and designer, who in turn disburse the info to the public domain. The sensitivity of these professions is very high, since a slight mistake can cause massive loss of data.

If this happens, these data handlers risk losing their jobs or worse still can cause the death of the company.

So what are the major mistakes that you can avoid as one who provides DBA expert services or as a website manager? The following pointers should help catapult you into being the most sought after professional. Let us start with the blunders that a database admin should avoid:


Mediocre DBA’s have limited knowledge of the nature of business that they work for. How can you expect to manage information that you do not understand?

This tendency limits the professional management of information. This leads to information not being stored in the appropriate categories, thus degrading the attainable order of the statistics.

Non-Management of Settings

It is mandatory for a database handler to have versatile knowledge on the needed technological aspects; especially those related to the software used in DBA.

Mediocre database administrators just upload software and continue to other things, without taking the needed time to adjust the settings as per the business needs.

For example, when downloading Microsoft’s SQL Server, it would be unwise to trust the default settings to manage your information.

The default settings are only there to enable easy set-up, and are not aware of your company’s needs. Always remember that this system needs to be managed since it does not have a mind of its own.

Retroactive in Security

Ensuring database security is mandatory in the job description of a database administrator. You are the security guard of the company’s information and you should do it with utmost vigilance.

Database systems are highly prone to attacks and loss of information. You need to be on top of your game to raise the guards to avert these.

It is a shame to be a wild goose after you have lost data when you could have spent the needed moments to backup the information frequently.

Password Integrity

The best companies are the ones with aggressive DBAs who limit the password info strictly to the key people. This saves the company a lot in terms of security risks.

The lack of such seriousness in this matter can cause the hacking of a company’s system, and at times gross information is leaked to the public.

If you would want to grow your career to be trusted with the most sensitive information in your country, you will have to put your foot down in your individual standards of operation.

The Sabotage of Latest Trends

What should matter most to a database handler is the stability of his or her statistics in software, and he/she should not worry much about the latest trends in the market.

A professional DBA should only change a storage system with a very valid reason to do so.

You may sabotage yourself by trying to ‘be in tune’ with the new software in the industry if it interferes with your data. It is worth noting that many of the best database administrators still use ‘old-version’ software.

Likewise, website developers and designers need to be vigilant in their positions as the disbursers of the information. What are the major mistakes to avoid?

PDF Files

Many times it is hard to understand why web designers opt to use PDF files to relay information instead of web pages. Fact is, PDF files are usually hard to navigate and are not attractive to most web users.

Its format is non-user friendly to the various platforms that the public use to access information. More so, a website’s main feature should be ease of navigation.

This has the power to obtain more clients for the company since it decreases the chances of people going to your competitor’s website to get more information.

Jakob’s Law of the Web User Experience

This law states: “Users spend most of their time on ‘other’ websites”. This means that users deviate from websites that seem too different from the rest.

People tend to trust what they know and are used to. As a web designer, you are expected to have full knowledge of this principle that governs your career.

You should know how to ‘limit your creativity’ for the betterment of the company. Coming up with a website that is too complicated because of your creative rush will only loose the masses instead of winning them.

A good way of obeying this law is to have a consistent color and font for your website. You should not have more than three font types. Too much color can also make your web page look less professional.

Make sure that you also choose few colors that will look appealing on the different devices that most people use including iPads and phones.

Missing Contact Information

The whole purpose of a website is for advertising; hence, it would be a shame to run a website that does not have your company’s contact details. In addition, people should not really look for your contacts. Professional web developers place the company’s contacts on every possible page.

This increases the company’s credibility as people can feel that you actually exist and are reachable. The physical address, email, phone contacts and social media handles should not miss in the contact information.

With such information at hand, you are on your way to becoming an efficient database admin or web designer who is indispensable. Cultivate a culture of being updated on how you can become the best in your field.