B2B email marketing

Hot Tips For an Effective B2B Email Marketing Strategy

What is B2B  email marketing and how is it applied to get good conversion?

The business-to-business concept defines a conversion which involves the exchange of products, information or services between two or more businesses.

A B2B relationship is mainly based on logic, unlike a B2C concept which entails you as a marketer tapping into the emotions of a consumer in order to convince them to make a purchase.

When conducting business with another company or business it is important that you understand the reasoning or logic behind a purchasing decision.

You need to get down to the minute details of their needs as a business. This means that you must ensure that your marketing initiatives are more in-depth and are focused on the things that matter most to a business i.e. money, resources and time.

Why Every Company Should Have a B2B Email Marketing Strategy


B2B email marketing entails getting more engagements which translate into more leads which in turn translate into more conversions and as we know more conversions mean more money.

B2B email marketing is a great tool for your inbound marketing that I believe every marketer should utilize.

You should look at B2B email marketing as a means to future-proof your business. The following steps will help your company in creating an effective B2B email marketing strategy.

Select an ESP


B2B email marketing


The most important step in B2B email marketing is to find the best email service provider.

ESPs are those service providers that allow a business to manage their email account through an interface online.

They provide the business with avenues to format an email message so as to include links, custom layout design and images. Some of the best ESPs available in the market today include the following:



This email marketing platform is highly responsive. It features advanced analytics and also allows for personalization and automation.

It allows you to send up to 12000 emails per month for free if you have less than 2000 email subscribers. The prices for upgrades will depend on the number of subscribers you have.

Constant Contact


This a very affordable B2B email marketing platform that allows you to automate your email campaigns and also comes with free coaching and online education programs that help your customers to take full advantage of their platform.

Exact Target


This is an extremely comprehensive marketing tool with multiple channels. This email marketing platform allows its users to build a single view of their customers and thus deliver personalized email content to every subscriber on every device and every channel.

Campaign Monitor


This B2B email marketing tool is an email builder which allows its users to create very unique email designs in a matter of minutes.

It also has a number of other features which include custom fields, automatic list management and over 100 other ready-to-use integrations that make it very easy for you as a marketer to manage your email subscribers.



This email marketing tool is a full-service marketing platform that allows for personalization, A/B testing and automation among many more other applications.



This is a full-service marketing platform offers email marketing as a small sliver of its numerous services.

The email applications it offers include personalization and integration, lead generation tools, content management, integration analytics and so much more.

You should make sure that you properly evaluate an ESP before you select it so as to ensure that it is right for your business and is able to meet its needs.

Designate a Person to Oversee Your ESP


It is a good idea to designate a person or group of people to be the go-to point of contact for all the B2B email marketing related needs for your company.

This individual or group should be vastly familiar with the ESP that you finally decide on selecting.

They should be able to embrace all the aspects of the selected ESP platform and take the time to learn and strategize all of its tools and applications.

If it is necessary, you can train the individual or group on how to use the ESP platform that you have chosen so that they will know how to manage the platform effectively.

Define an Objective


It is really important to ensure that you clearly and adequately define the objectives of your email campaign before you begin creating it.

It may prove a bit difficult for your business to achieve its goals if you don’t even know what these goals are in the first place.

Ensure that the goals you pick are achievable by the resources available to your business.

After you have effectively followed the above three steps you can consider the following tips on how you can further enhance you B2B email marketing campaign strategy:

B2B Email Marketing Tips


B2B Email Marketing


The following tips for email marketing techniques are designed to foster a relationship with the future and current B2B clientele for your business.

Always remember that email marketing is quite personal because having someone’s email address is similar to having the person’s home phone number and it’s important that you use the information wisely.

B2B Email Marketing Tip #1: Build Lists


B2B email marketing strategies are dependent on the distribution lists that you build around them.

You should ensure that these email address lists are carefully developed; they should also be curated and tagged appropriately so that when the time comes to email your subscribers, you send the right email to fit your intended objective.

B2B Email Marketing Tip #2: Get Specific


This is sometimes also known as segmentation. This strategy allows you as a marketer to target specific email users with a specific message.

B2B Email Marketing Tip #3: Get Automated


A good ESP should have automation options that allow its users to communicate with their prospects or customers in a relevant and timely manner. The automation process should be triggered by an activity that the prospect or customer undertakes.

B2B Email Marketing Tip #4: RSS-to-email is Your Friend


The idea behind RSS-to-email feed for your email marketing strategy is to automatically send a newsletter to your email list every time you generate new content for your company’s blog.

This strategy allows you to decide how often and when a subscriber gets hit with your content.

B2B Email Marketing Tip #5: Nurture your leads


B2B Email Marketing


Lead nurture campaigns involve the creation of a series of emails that will be sent out over a period of time and that are specifically designed to convince those people who are still undecided to become interested in your business.

It gives those people who are still on the fence that extra shove that they require. This type of strategy can involve as many emails as you want to send.

The emails can be sent on a yearly, weekly or monthly basis. You can use a blog post or any other forms of content to keep the prospect coming back for more.

It is your job as a marketer to promote and enhance your company’s message across the various user channels and numerous marketing mediums.

You should think of your B2B email marketing campaign as a way to lend a helping hand to your sales department.

I hope these email-marketing B2B lead generation tips will help you move your business forward and boost your customer conversion marketing campaign.