Top 9 Mistakes That Kill Your Video Landing Page

Top 9 Mistakes That Kill Your Video Landing Page

Often, getting a higher conversion rate is what makes a successful landing page. But, getting those high conversions aren’t easy. In this post, we’ll identify key factors that weaken your video landing pages. In addition, we’ll discuss 9 tactics to improve performance.

1) You're Not Using Video For Your Landing Page!

1.You're Not Using Video For Your Landing Page

The best content is the kind that can grab your viewers’ attention as quick as possible, and engage your viewers for as long as possible. Video is one of the best types of content that commands multi-sensory attention.

Remember, even with video, it’s all about quality; a bad video can oftentimes hurt your landing page more than not having a video at all!

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2) You're Videos Are Way Too Long

You're Videos Are Way Too Long.

It’s easy to get someone to click “play” once he or she reaches your landing page. That does not mean he or she is staying for the whole story. If viewers stop your video before they reach the call to action, your offer is as good as gone.

There is no one length to rule them all but you want to eliminate reasons for viewers to hit the evil stop button, ignoring your offer completely.

Consider these timing guidelines:

  • 60-90 seconds (or 180 words) for a product or service overview

  • 10-15 minutes (not including Q&A) for an introductory webinar

Understand where your audience is in the sales cycle and what issues they must clear before taking action on your offers.

3) Stop Talking About What YOU Do And Start Talking About How It Helps

Video Marketing: Stop Talking About What YOU Do And Start Talking About How It Helps.

You must understand the reasoning and motivations behind your viewers. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the “Here’s what we offer” rather than “Here’s how we help you.” The next time you find yourself explaining your product or service, articulate the benefits and how they make your customer’s life better.

4) Your Shopping List Bores Me

Video Marketing: Your Shopping List Bores Me

One of the worst mistakes new video producers or new marketers make is doing what we call a “shopping list video”. Companies often list every single thing about what their products or services can do. This approach loses the essence of what makes someone purchase.

Figure out the top 5 things that makes your product amazing and try to use as few of those as possible. Spend more time on the important features that solve problems and create value.

5) Your Audio Quality Sucks

Video Marketing: Your Audio Quality Sucks

It's a proven fact that bad video quality with great audio can easily outperform the opposite. As a quick test watch a video without the sound, then turn the sound on and shut the image off. I’ll wait… Now, you tell me which one you prefer.

6) Your Video Quality Sucks

Video Marketing: Your Video Quality Sucks

If you decide to create your business videos in-house, make sure you take the time to learn the fundamentals of good production and storytelling. Here are some great tutorials on getting started with live-action video.

7) Uh.. Um… Uh… Please Write A Script

Video Marketing: Uh.. Um… Uh… Please Write A Script.

Conceptualizing a message and actually delivering it are two different things. Even if you are not working with a huge budget, you need to polish your technique.

In other words, script your content! Scripting, along with extensive rehearsing, can eliminate distracting “pause words” like “um” or “uh.” You don’t need to go word-for-word but outline major bullet points to help guide your narrative. Respect your viewers’ time by maximizing value and minimizing fluff.

Here’s a tutorial on basic scriptwriting from Yup Video.

8) Call To Action

Video Marketing: Call to Action

Know the purpose of the video BEFORE creating it. Is this video going to be used to get leads, sales, add awareness, or educate the viewer? Your call to action needs to be crystal clear, telling the viewer exactly what he or she needs to do next.

Use strong, clear action verbs that directly state what the viewer needs to do next.

Example Call to Actions:

  • Fill out the form on the right and get started with your free e-book

  • Sign up for our newsletter at and receive 30% your first purchase

  • Share this video for your chance to win

Friendbuy increased their CTR by 211% by A/B testing their Call To Action.

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9) Your Video Is Great But Your Landing Page Isn't

Video Marketing: Your Video Is Great But Your Landing Page Isn’t

You’ll hear me say it over and over again: video is one form of your content marketing strategy. Like other mediums, video has amazing positives and downsides.

Your actual landing page still needs to have those all-import nuances; a compelling call to action, a relevant headline, powerful testimonials - that connect with visitors, and more. How do you find these insights? Test, test, test, and test some more.

Find what differentiates your offer and creates value.

What have you a/b tested that had a huge impact on your landing pages?