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Top 7 Trends in Landing Page Designs You Can’t Miss

The design of the landing page is the first thing that is taken note of by any visitor. To make your landing page design visually appealing, relatable, and in par with the current trends, you should know all about the trends and apply that knowledge to update your landing pages. We are here to help you make your landing pages look their very best. So, take note of some of the top trends in landing page designs:


Symmetry and geometry

This is a popular trend  right now. Digital artwork using grids, symmetry, lines, abstract shapes, triangles, and circles are most sought after. Try using circles more in number along with  warmer pastel colors to make your landing page look more welcoming and not lifeless. Use more of yellow, red, and orange as the backdrop to highlight the geometry. You can make this trend work to your advantage if you want to be and appear technologically advanced. To get an idea of this trend, check this out:

Lander landing page

Source: BrioRom


Make palettes work for you

12 color mix

Source: Sratchmade journal


Using color palettes can make your work look more artistic and visually exciting. Use gray to look more pensive, serious and, consumed in thoughts if you want  to be perceived as a thought-provoking brand. And if your brand reflects art and creativity, then you can play some more with color palettes. It is most necessary for web designers if they want to make the website look formal, convincing and to the point, like those similar to charity and fundraising websites.


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Microinteractions is slowly taking on


What exactly is Microinteraction?

You must have seen webpage’s loading animations, hovering effects, scrolling animations (like those filters on Snapchat and Instagram); those are interactions. Microinteractions are subtler and an extra design element. They might not be necessary.  But, their presence adds up to the visitor's interaction with the website and makes them go “wow!”. Messages like error messages and confirmation messages that pop up on the screen can also be considered to be microinteractions.

LA Design

Source: Femme & Fierce


Why should you adapt to this trend? The main thing you have to achieve is more interaction and engagement. You must make the visitor spend maximum time on your page so that he observes and absorbs all the elements on your page and ends up liking your site. Keep microinteractions minimal and don't make them a distraction.

Theme art

More web pages have themed art or glitch themes in their artwork. This is indeed a futuristic fascination. If your business is very unconventional and technology related, this trend will suit you well. In that case, you also must have web designers who are confident enough to flaunt such styles on your website.. This is the trend to catch up to if you want to deliberately engage your prospects in terms of visuals.


Serifs are in trend now!


You must have heard, seen, or used the font “Sans-serif”. This simple font has been the recent ‘hot favorite’ for many minimalistic digital designers. If you are looking for a sophisticated old-fashioned font that can bring a classy, elegant or traditional touch to your business, this is the one. You can play around the font and see how it best suits your brand to make it stand out. You can also use it if you want your business to be perceived as  professional.


Here is an example of the font being used very tastefully:

live in details

Source: Reform Creative

Where can this font be used?

You can use this font in the headers and titles of your landing page, where you need to draw the most attention.


Videos on landing pages

This isn’t exactly a design trend but you must use this tactic more often.  Videos are on the rise and brands are leveraging them even more today. According to Popvideo, using animated “how-to’s” and “DIY” videos on landing pages have yielded more clicks on CTAs. Concentrate on showcasing the human emotional connect side of your brand, put educational videos relating to your products and services. If your revenue depends highly on social media engagement, this is the best practice to follow.


If you are filming videos on your own, keep in mind that videos are repurposeful and  the multiple uses of them.




Source: Libratone


Minimalistic designs are very practical, not only with respect to aesthetics but also in terms of design.Details highlights of the design, stands out more on a plain background. It reduces many problems like loading time, makes the website look more classy, and is perfectly soothing for the eyes. You should catch up with this trend if you are running on a tight budget and want your website to look elegant .  When you keep the design minimalistic, you get to concentrate on lesser number of visuals than when you have a lot of them. But keep your Ad copy strong so that it converts.




Now that you are aware of the top trends, you’d want to add more animated educational videos into your landing page. Always try to keep things minimalistic and for all the information that you choose to put on the landing page, use fonts that look classy. When it comes to the design aspect, try to make the best of symmetry, geometry, and color palettes. Understand microinteractions and use them appropriately to  design and decide on creative themes for your artwork. Use all the above tips to buck your landing pages up to the current trend. Let your prospects always see that you are in the game. Every pixel of your page counts and if you haven’t already revamped your landing pages, then now is the time to. If you want beautiful, easy-to-use editable landing pages instantly, visit here.