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Top 5 Tools Everyone in the Conversion Rate Optimization Industry Should Be Using

For someone working in an industry that requires conversion rate optimization, things can get a little stressful as you try to come up with new ways to retain the attention of those who visit your website.

After all, that is what conversion rate optimization boils down to, with it being a process of increasing the number of people who take the desired action among those who visit the website.

This could be anything from becoming your customers to filling out information about themselves or signing up for a newsletter. CRO helps you understand how users move through your website, actions they take while they are on it, and to identify the problems that keep them from completing the goals you have set for them.

It is a commonly known fact that CRO and marketing go hand in hand. This means that once implemented properly, a CRO tool can save a huge portion of your resources including time and money. Many of these tools can also help you in performing qualitative research to find out useful insights directly from your customers.

Choosing the right CRO tool becomes important because it plays a crucial role in your website’s performance, and thus, in turn, your company’s. Once your website is optimized according to your customer’s needs and preferences, it becomes so much more efficient to convert visitors. So which CRO tool should you choose? And how should you be spending your lead conversion budget?

There are so many to choose from, it becomes hard to choose just the right one. So, here are five CRO tools specific to the needs you have for your website.


Google Optimize

Mostly meant for those who are novices in the world of A/B testing, Google Optimize is highly appreciated by those who wish to make small changes to the website but do not have many technical skills.

Additionally, Google Optimize is a free tool that is integrated with Google Analytics which in turn makes it easier for a beginner to navigate through it and allows one to see reports straight from Analytics.



The tool that helps you in identifying what happens on your website. It makes it easier for you to see how every customer acted- who did what. It is very possible that you might already be using Google Analytics as a base for your decisions.

However, the fact that Mixpanel provides you with just as much data only means that you have a second data channel that will come in handy to compare against Google’s data.

Mixpanel helps a user build a better product for their respective users by understanding how they use the product. It also provides analytics pertaining to visualizing how often visitors on your website come back to engage with the website or application. It also helps you understand where your customers drop off, aiding in optimizing your website.


Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

What VWO does is address the needs of two groups mainly: those who have only begun testing, and those who are CRO experts already accustomed to testing.

VWO provides each group with different plans by including different features that would make them feel comfortable with using the tool.


What makes VWO different from other tools is that it offers an array of inspiration for those users who are feeling lost in the sea of conversion rate optimization. By creating an independent system, this tool allows you to do heatmaps, surveys, A/B testing, and user testing for an integrated platform.



This is an optimisation tool that has been built keeping in mind small and medium businesses in the form of eCommerce stores, digital marketers, and teams whose focus is towards planning on-site optimization.

The three main areas of expertise Omnivert holds is in website layout testing, online surveys, and overlays that are tailored to every visitor’s needs and demands.

This tool hands to you instruments you need to optimize your website and the fully customizable overlays have for its visitors who are undecided and the fact that there are easy to setup surveys.



One of the most powerful platforms for A/B testing, Optimizely is a tool that allows you to test different variations of campaigns you have in mind, thus allowing you to determine which one converts the most.

This is incredibly helpful considering conversion is one of the most important elements of conversion rate optimization.


Although it is a pricey option than rest of the tools, the fact that it is geared towards enterprise clients justifies it. Considering the outstanding features Optimizely holds and the UI that is way ahead of competition makes it a lucrative tool to employ to optimize your website.


If you belong to an industry that holds conversion rate optimization as a top priority, then CRO tools are one of the best things that could happen to you.

All you have to do is decide the priorities for your business at the moment. Only then can you decide what you wish to focus on and avoid losing your precious time and money.

Once you have decided on the CRO tool you wish to employ, you can test out different website layouts that will work for your potential visitors.

This way, you will be able to present a personalized experience for your visitors, thus allowing you to increase your conversion rates.