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3 Ingredients Of Landing Pages That Convert

Brilliant landing page performance is all about making it easy for visitors to do what you want them to. Here’s how:

Content that connects

Landing Page's tips

Always create clearly focused content you know will engage your target market. And make sure your tone is sincere and conversational, using ‘you’ and ‘your’ whenever possible. When you’re friendly, people warm to your brand and what you’re asking them to do.

Make a positive user experience one of your top landing-page priorities. And ensure your messaging leads visitors clearly and logically to your call to action.

Remember that many people don’t read online, they scan. So use eye-catching bullet points and sub-headings to draw them in. Always spell-check too – a single careless typo can undo all the other great content you’ve produced.

Designed to convert

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Research shows you only get about 3 seconds to hook someone’s attention online. So design your landing page with this in mind. Simple is best with a layout that drives your visitors to high-visibility calls to action, helping to boost conversion.

Make sure your forms are as easy to complete as possible, avoiding unnecessary drop out. Put visitors’ minds at ease by including a note next to your email opt-in form, stating that you won’t spam them. Success online depends on integrity and building trust with your customers.

Functionality and function

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Videos say what words or still pictures alone can’t. So be sure to include dynamic, benefit-focused films in your landing pages. Make sure they don’t take too long to load though, as online visitors don’t like to wait. Remember, slow loading pages can dent your conversions. So test and test again to optimize the speed of yours.