The three expert tips that can define success for your eCommerce site

Building a seven-figure business – that is a dream many budding entrepreneurs kindle, but only a few can realize. Building a brand from scratch is not easy, and when you are trying to establish it online amidst thousands of other successful and known brands, it becomes trickier than usual.

Today, setting up a website is almost a no-brainer. Any 12-year old kid with a PC and an internet connection can do that. However, what distinguishes his amateur site from the million-dollar sites that rake in hundreds of thousands of visitors every month? The answer is website design, of course!

While Shopify has thousands of ready-to-use mobile-responsive templates and themes for all to explore, customizing one of them exclusively according to the taste of your prospective customers might require some expert intervention. Among the hundreds of website designers in your locality, only a handful few have the experience of working with Shopify.

Web designers for Shopify are here, today, to share the trade secrets of a successful eCommerce business –

  1. Choosing the right software

Nothing is more important than picking the right software when laying the foundation of a new business. As a new entrepreneur, you need to heed the potential benefits and caveats of any platform you consider for your eCommerce website.

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platform solutions, even for amateurs. Once you begin using Shopify for your eCommerce site, you begin to enjoy its professional benefits – it is scalable, budget-friendly, amiable towards changes, and it has extensive marketing tool-suites for all types of businesses. Currently selling on a different platform like Wix? You can consider switching to Shopify to make full use of Shopify features and rocket your sales

Your website design team should also be able to guide you towards analytics platforms and tools compatible with your website engine version. Keeping track of metrics is indispensable for any enterprise heading towards ultimate success.

  1. Smoothen out the checkout process

Research shows that cart abandonment can cost more than 60% of revenue loss for websites that employ multi-step checkout processes. The mantra is simple – if you want more people to buy whatever it is that you are selling, simplify the payment and shipping options.

People dislike surprise addition of overheads to the final price they are expecting to pay. Keep the VAT% transparent on the cart/product list page and include the shipping charges for each item for them to peruse.

Most importantly pack the cart view, the addition of shipping and billing address, and payment options (Billing Software) on one page to keep matters easy-to-access and straightforward for all users.

  • Update the software regularly

Without a dedicated website design team, you might find yourself at the receiving end of malware attacks and virus threats. Those happen when the security of a site is outdated, or the backend does not receive enough attention as it should.

Website security has become an integral part of the user experience thanks to innumerable Google algorithm update rollouts in recent times. Shopify has a long-standing reputation for providing satisfactory user experience, strong backend security, impressive customization options, and regular updates for site and security maintenance.

Keeping these three points in mind should help you set up a user-friendly, safe, and informative business site that is destined for success.