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The Importance of Lead Validation

What if I told you that close to 50 percent of your website’s conversions aren’t sales leads?

With generating quality leads still being a challenge for most companies, I’d guess that you wouldn’t be too surprised. According to the “The Critical Importance of Lead Validation” study, that number is unfortunately the reality.

So, what is lead validation? It is the crucial process of separating sales conversions (phone calls and form submissions) from non-sales conversions (personal calls, sales solicitations, customer service communication etc.).

That process is vital to a lead generation campaign because it arms you with the proper tools to make your marketing efforts as effective as possible. Those tools include knowing the cost per lead and the online marketing source of every validated sales lead.

This prevents you from investing in a campaign that isn’t profitable — which is exactly what companies that don’t validate end up doing, without even knowing it.

The presentation below breaks down how sales lead data improves your ability to generate leads. It also reveals startling insights on how many website visits it takes to generate a conversion.

Hint: first impressions are still everything.