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Thank You Landing Page: Why You Need it!!

It is always polite to thank someone who does something that benefits you. A Thank you page should always follow landing pages though they don’t usually do.

A thank you, page will help you build a stronger relationship with your customer and also crushes any buyer’s remorse that may occur after a purchase and thus helps you to retain your customers for longer than just one visit.

What is a Thank You Page?


A thank you page will usually contain the typical thank you message and it should also contain information on what your customers should expect from you next.

The page should also contain another action that the customers can take to add more value to something that they have already gotten and also direct them on what to do next.

How to create an effective thank you page:

Say Thank You With a Smile


It is not enough to just tell your customer ‘thank you’, you have to do it with a little more enthusiasm as the customer has just made a conversion on your landing page.

You have to let the customer know how important his or her conversion was to you.

Humanize your Thank You Page


Thank You Page


When you make your thank you page appear more human you increase the credibility of your landing page as well as your brand.

There is also positive reinforcement in reference to your customers after making a purchase on your page as they are able to see you.

Show the customers other offers they can take advantage of


The thank you page is a very ripe opportunity for conversion as you can entice already willing customers other opportunities to make both themselves and your company very happy.

You can show your customers other offers that you have on your page and thus end up increasing your conversions.

Help your customers expand your customer page


Thank You Page


You should give your customers incentives so that they can increase your customer base.

You can do this by making it easier for them to share your services with their friends and secondly you can offer them something extra for sharing your page with their network.

Be a philanthropist and give them something for free


It is not a very popular method but it is good to sometimes thank your customers for purchasing a product or service from you and offering something for free.

It can be something that doesn’t cost too much but the customer will always be grateful for a free gift. This will help you to build a stronger and more positive relationship with your customer and thus help you maintain them for longer.

Don’t make your page too length


Thank You Page


The message on your thank you page should be short and sweet. Do not write too much text that will end up boring your customers as not many people love reading.

If the text is too long most customers won’t even bother reading the message. It is important to maintain the attention of your user until the end of the process which includes the thank you page.

Do not make promises you can’t keep


If you promise your customers you can’t deliver you will only succeed in ruining your reputation with your customers and even end up losing them for good.

Never allow your customers to feel unappreciated as they are very important to the success of your company.