Text Message Marketing: Expert Tips and Tools for Small Business

Text Message Marketing: Expert Tips and Tools for Small Business

Mobile is huge now. Small businesses should embrace it and text messaging is a great way to reach out to your customers. Check out these tips to run successful SMS campaigns!

Mobile marketing is proven to keep customers more comfortable and connect with them in a “simple, fast, and secure way”.

As small scale companies move toward more direct marketing channels, such as SMS message marketing, their marketing is being transformed in ways that require effective outreach to mobile customers.

The following small business tools and tips for SMS marketing will help you get the most out of your campaigns.

Personalize Your User Content with List Segmentation

If your company isn’t taking advantage of the fact that text messages can be highly personalized, then there really is no reason to bother with it at all.

Personalization is an advantage that gives SMS marketing so much appeal for small business.

Text messaging lacks the unlimited interactivity threshold of mobile apps for advertising, so the personalization factor is even more important for SMS marketing.

If you organize your lists into groups such as old and brand new customers, and / or by demographic information, you can truly target communications for more sales.

Teamgate CRM is a great platform for all customer relationship management, including list segmentation. This software can help your team with all aspects of the sales and marketing processes and will enhance your text message marketing campaigns.

Always Use “Permission-Based” Marketing Strategies

As with all forms of direct marketing, the contemporary way of building SMS messaging contact lists is to somehow ensure that those you reach out to have opted-in to receive messages from your company.

An opt-in feature creates the perceived value of user control and increased positive expectations and confidence over the outcomes of your messages.

Rather than feeling “interrupted,” users who opt-in to receive your text messages will feel like they take part in the communication process. So, in order to make your customers trust you, provide them with an easy way to sign up for your list.

Never send spam to cold leads who have not yet heard about you.

TextMagic is a text messaging service that can provide you with easy-to-use mobile opt-in forms for business, allow personalize your messages and set up SMS marketing campaigns. This bulk SMS solution will help you ensure that you send out messages to the right customers.

Send SMS Messages that Provide Immediate Value

When crafting SMS messages containing your company’s discounts, promotions, weekly tips, and reminders, remember to include immediate calls-to-action.

Once your viewer has looked away, he will receive new messages and your communications will quickly drop down to the bottom of their screen, making the content easy to forget about.

By offering information that is useful right now, you ensure the likelihood that readers will take action.

Text Message Marketing: Expert Tips and Tools for Small Business

Google Trends is a web tool that provides insights about what people are searching for in real time. This can be extremely helpful when creating promotions / contests based on what people are interested in right now.

Advertise Flash Discounts to Text Subscribers

One of the most popular and entertaining ways to engage text message subscribers is with flash discounts for your products and services.

If you really want to get their attention, send freebies and coupon codes that expire quickly.

Not only will customers be likely to visit your website or store right away, but this is likely to generate new subscribers via word of mouth.

So, use your creativity to come up with discount ideas that your customers will really find value in and increase brand awareness, generating new leads and sales.

Take from Other Companies’ Successful Campaigns

Do you want to generate an additional $15 for every dollar you spend on your text message marketing campaign? Are you looking to increase brand awareness? Whatever your goals are, you are likely to find other businesses that have had success with achieving a similar purpose.

As an example of what you’re looking for, you can read SMS marketing case studies from businesses in your field. That’s a great way to get the creative juices flowing and learn to understand what drives success when it comes to texting for businesses.

Seattle Sun Tan has a text message marketing story that provides an excellent representation of what risky incentives can bring in, with a launch campaign that generated $200,000 in revenue in the first 30 days of their SMS strategy execution.

The offer was a $20 discount with an initial opt-in for their marketing list. Users would be able to easily unsubscribe from the list immediately after taking advantage of the discount. That’s not exactly what happened.

The opt-out rate for this campaign, fortunately, was less than 5%, which made it worth every dollar spent. Depending on your business structure and marketing budget, risky tactics can sometimes be extremely lucrative.

Marketing Sherpa has many different types of marketing case studies available for review by members. Browse their library for studies as specific as 'beauty salon, SMS marketing.' These articles are helpful for all types of marketing, not just text campaigns.

Integrate Mobile Campaigns with Social Media, Video & Email Marketing Efforts

Whenever possible, it’s a great idea to link your campaigns with one another.

Sending newsletter subscription landing pages and social media posts via SMS and sharing your text message promotions in your videos and emails will create the seamless integration that makes this type of promotion so appealing.

Most people access the web, including email and social media, from mobile devices, and the opportunity to connect consumers on more than one platform should be taken advantage of.

The diagram below provides a visual representation of the major marketing channels’ potential to reach customers as depicted by the University of Johannesburg:

Text Message Marketing: Expert Tips and Tools for Small Business


As you can see, mobile communications basically encompass the most potential of all aspects of marketing strategy. The opportunity is here for integration all your marketing campaigns.

MessageNet provides tons of free APIs and tools for integrating SMS services with other applications. You do need to use their service to benefit from them.


There are six helpful tips herein, sure to increase the proficiency of your next text message marketing strategy. Refer back to this article for the actionable ways to reach its goals with SMS.

It explains why to use permission based marketing tactics, the fact that you should use segmentation to personalize your content, and the value of flash discounts.

Also you should keep in your mind the immediate value of text message content, taking notes from case studies, marketing risks and integrating your SMS strategy with other campaigns.

If you want to increase company sales, bookmark this page now and visit again when you’re ready to set up your next successful SMS campaign!