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The Power of Testimonials on Landing Pages

Testimonials are the online world version of word of mouth.

The testimonials (reviews) that you get from your current customers help to influence your future customers to do business with you as new customers will always rely on the experience of your previous customers to make a decision on whether to purchase a product from you or not.

Creating even a single landing page is quite a daunting process as a lot is entailed in a single page.

There are images that you have to ensure are relevant to your page, CTA buttons that have to stand out on your page etc among other elements thus you find that testimonials can sometimes be forgotten.




Never underestimate the power of testimonials when creating your landing page. Testimonials can be a very powerful tool for increasing conversions on your landing page.

This is an amazing way to utilize your customers to generate more customers for your company. Your customers can be of so much more value than just buying things and paying for services.

The following are some of the reasons why customers are better at attracting more customers:

Customer Testimonials Have More Credibility


It doesn’t matter how large your company is and how long it has been in existence, the credibility of your customers will always be considered as higher than that of your company.

The review that the customer gives you will always have more influence on other customers than what you tell them about the product or service that you are offering.




When it comes to products and their quality, customers will always trust other customers’ opinions and experiences.

If you want to ensure that your landing pages get high conversion rates or in simple terms, you would like your services and products to see, then you have to incorporate positive testimonials from your users on your landing page.

This will go a long way in positively influencing your potential clients or customers and ultimately lead to conversions.

Customer Testimonials Have More Persuasive Power




You can use every method at your disposal to try and convince your potential customer or visitor to your page to purchase a product or service but you won’t persuade them as much as a good input from a former customer would.

This is because your customers are neutral and thus other customers will respect their opinion more since they don’t have much to gain from conversions on your landing page.

This makes the word of a customer to be more persuasive than you as a company could ever hope to be.

When a customer says that your product or service really worked well for them then other customers will be persuaded to purchase from you but if you get negative reviews then the number of conversions on your page will also take a nose dive.

Testimonials have been proven to be such a powerful tool in increasing landing page conversion time and time again.

Ensure that you utilize testimonials as much as possible and not consider it as an afterthought when creating your landing page.

Make a collection of the best reviews or testimonials and integrate them on your landing pages where your customers can access them and read them.

As a marketer, you should aim to influence the visitors to your page to make a conversion as much as possible using every avenue at your disposal.

Customer Testimonials: Video

Things have changed over the past few years. Static testimonials do give your future customers the inside scoop for what is good about your product. What they don't do is give you a sense of how the person is delivering the words.

Think about how a video can actually give more context around your customer's excitement. If you do go down the video testimonial route, be sure to have minimum levels of production quality. Cell phone videos by themselves without a stage or some production value will deter your new users from possibly purchasing your product or services.

Make sure the sound is audible, without any noise and the video quality is at minimum 720p.

Have fun!