Click-Through Landing Page

9 Solid Hacks That Make a Successful Click-Through Landing Page

A click-through page is a webpage that visitors will first land at while trying to access your site. The page will contain only one objective, hitting the call to action button. In all cases, the call to action button is the only clickable element on that page and it requires that you use an optimized click-through landing page template.

Just like all other decent landing pages, a click-through page is barren for any feature that keeps it away from its purpose to the user “allowing navigation”.

The tapping of the call to action button is of ultimate standing due to the fact that it is the chief path through which customers first get a taste of your sales.

A click-through landing page is also used for conversions. And conversions being one of the chief objectives in any site, you need to optimize and boost your page for an effective layout to attract more conversions.

Click-through Landing Page optimization

To enhance your click-through landing page, you ought to observe the following features:

Have Your Headline Steady


An outstanding click-through landing page constructs a clear passageway for visitors into your virtual stores.

One of the most embarrassing situations is when a customer lands on your page and finds something that completely explains a different theme than what triggered them to your page.

It is very important to create a headline that speaks the same message as your site.

Take for instance when sending an email to your email subscribers concerning a new offer. Ensure that the most imperative part of the email matches your headline.

Say your email contains the subject “now get 70% free shipping discount to any location in the world” your page headline probably could be “shipping cost catered for, globally” eye-catching headings act as click-baits and great to read.

Be assured that if the message is very different from the heading, it must incorporate a negative notion and lead to a decreased conversion rate.

 Check Your Conversation Pitch

Click-Through Landing Page

Being simple and clear is one the greatest attribute you should embrace. Not everyone out there is conversant with what you are offering.

Most people are not interested in pseudo terms. Simply use the layman’s language when providing explanations.

Embrace brevity and be concise in your descriptions. By this, you will trigger interest in your visitors.

Avoid Overloading


Integrating a lot of images and anchors overloads your page. Your page looks confused and bunged up.

It is wise to create a few links such as discounts and shipping cost links, to take visitors to the relevant parts of the sites connected to the links and exhibit all the images and videos related to them.

Keep this in mind; a click-through landing page is just a channel or a stepping stone to your site. Only include the most important links and images in your landing page.

Watch Out the Fold


The section of the landing page below, which you must scroll down in order to view extra information, is what is termed as the fold.

It is wise to keep all the important elements above the fold so as visitors can see before scrolling down.

Integrate most of the media ads below the fold. A lot of media files on the section above the fold can be too disrupting.

For a better layout, make brief statements of your offers above the fold and incorporate some message that calls the visitor to scroll down in order to view the media files.

It is a good technique to put all your call to action buttons above the fold.

Write Better CTAs

Click-Through Landing Page

The call to action buttons acts as invitations for the visitors to cultivate further into the site. Inform the visitors what to expect when they hit the CTA.

For a good call to action button, it must contain a brief message yet deliver the note clearly. Integrating simple CTA will easily help your visitors through the site and make it easy for you to convert them.

For example, you can use “Get started” rather than “Sign up form”

Heighten Your Lead Capture Form


The lead capture forms help you to collect information about a visitor. In this section, visitors enter their name, location, email address, etc.

Due to the fact that visitors who give out their details in this forms have an interest in your product, clasping their information can help with additional marketing efforts such as email marketing,

According to one Mona Elesseily, a form is a process of simplifying a relationship – and not an impromptu event.

Forms that contain many fields may scare away prospective leads as they will be too tiresome to fill in.

To avoid the tedious undertaking, make sure you create forms with short fields.

Invest In Potential Customers

Click-Through Landing Page

It may be the first time for a customer to land or see your click-through landing page. The first impression that a visitor gets is of utmost significance.

You need to thoroughly optimize your page for a superfine impression.  Testing your page is what you should do.  Make sure that all the links work as per their design.

The fact that in-house testers, though their experience on the page may not have the correct perception since they already know what is coming, you may want to share only the elementary information with them during a usability test and let them navigate just as the normal visitor would do.

Observe keenly and request them for their perspective on the site. Let them point out any hitches they might have come across. This will help to point out any ambiguities in your page.

Create Separate Landing Pages


well, you have constructed a fine click-through landing page with an eye-catching arrangement, stress-free to fill in forms and an alluring CTA, what’s the next step?

You need to Separate your pages for each channel, product, offer, and any other thing you might have on your site.

Break your market into compartments or segments. For example, you might consider having a separate Facebook landing page to parade all types of products you offer with each type leading to a given page while you have another page for email marketing purposes.

Resolution Savvy Layout


Different people use different devices to browse the internet. That means the overall layout of a click-through landing page that you see on a desktop is not the same case when you use a tablet or even a mobile.

Therefore, it is important to keep the most critical parts of your message in the central part of your screen display.

It is highly recommended to fine-tune your display, use different devices such as a desktop, a tablet, smartphone etc. to get the impression of all your users.

This will help you point out some of the hitches that may be in the page, hence rectifying them. By this, you will address all the needs of your customers.

In conclusion;


Having a well-designed and a great looking click-through landing page is a vital aspect that every e-commerce entrepreneur must embrace, otherwise, a poorly-planned landing page will most undoubtedly lower the rate of conversions.

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