How to Start A SEO Position Strategy

How to Start A SEO Position Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is on steroids now.

For a long time SEO has been regarded as the key marketing strategy both by businesses and individual professionals, as it attracts more potential traffic to their websites.

Web pages need to be optimized with strong SEO strategies.

Rankings are never static. Search algorithms are updated every now and then. Pandas, Penguins and Hummingbirds have all capabilities to alter the rankings.

This instigates on the fact that we need to re-work on SEO position strategies consistently. Comprehensions can be the same but it needs to be re-defined. The actual fun starts only when you are liked by Google...

Know the Right Techniques and Tools

Figure out the purpose and determine the outcome.

The tools and techniques that you choose to accomplish your purpose are the trade. Success is seen only if you do something which others have not done. SEO is an art.

You need to understand which tools and technique can work best for your kind of business. Walk what you talk. The intention behind this is;

  • Reaching
  • Attracting
  • Converting
  • Retaining

Be relevant and capitalize on all marketing activities. Social media has the upper hand today to help you to get noticed. With visual elements, you can click this activity well.

Utilize the benefits of native ads. Above all build your links wisely.

Actionable Tools

Pick the right tools to work smarter and faster. There are several tools in the market that can enhance search engine visibility for your site.

But to begin with, you need to have keyword analytics tool, ranking tool, link building tool, content explorer tools, site analyzer and site booster tools. Make your site mobile responsive.

Understand Your Audience

It is important to know your audience if you have to master your marketing campaigns. No point in having Zombie traffic which has no role. Insight driven business enhances customer reach.

Understanding right from the geographic status till their interests and personalities will help you to analyze whether such audience will fit into your kind of service or not.

Audience can be captured with the right keywords, contents, pages for conversion and with the right experience. A combination of all these can help you to connect with them and get your marketing campaigns a successful one.

  • Create an authority
  • Make your campaign relevant
  • Keep up with the trust

Be always ready to re-think your approach if you feel that nobody is caring your presence.

There are ample numbers of tools that will help you to know and understand your audience. Take tips from social media and Google analytics too.

Understanding your audience will help in building long lasting relationship with them and to retain them. The point is you need to realize whom you are optimizing your webpage for.

Focus on the End User Experience

User experience (UX) is very important as it is directly linked with acquisition and retention.

Create a strategy that can be customized as per the market, as per the requirements of your audience. Empowered customers shape your business, says Forrester.

All they look for is value and if they don’t find with you, they are instantly ready to move to another. So, try the best possible way to keep your visitors engaged.

Analyze, collect all dots and connect the right way. User experience is mission critical.

Though indirect, they surely have measurable benefits. Engage your customers with your sites and with your links and create that positive experience – rankings will automatically follow.

Establish Goals Accordingly

High quality contents that are original, engaging, latest subject are sure to go as a hit with the audience. A poorly framed article can have adverse effect even though the subject is latest.

Responsive mobile friendly articles that can connect with the audience instantly can have positive impacts both in generating sales and gathering leads.

Execute Them Carefully

Though time and money stand as the key factors to role this task, organic search has seen good growth with the relevance.

Right content and keyword strategy are still the top priority. In fact,

Google’s top ranking factor is content. Users are trained by now to question the search engine by using short keyword phrases. So, keywords need to be strong as it helps in manipulating the rankings. Convey to your customers credibly and clearly. Contents have to be powerful.

Do not try to be over smart with your contents. Forget being a poet or a novelist. Your content should not sound like just writing.

Rather, it should be a sound expression of your idea. Also, do not cram your article with keywords. Good contents will automatically be linked. Both are inter-related.

Where can you go wrong?

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Seeking help with link schemes
  • Publishing fluff contents
  • Focus only on rankings and leaving the rest behind

Measure Them And Adjust Them

While you are very much focused on your listing position, it is necessary for you to understand about the ways to retain the position in the search engines too.

Calculate whether you are getting true value for the content that you created; the keywords and the back links that were generated which has helped you to climb this position.

Pep up if you notice a small slip at any point of time and pat yourself if there is a climb.

Final Thoughts

The end point is to deliver profitable value.

The process is not as complicated as many think. When planned well and executed with time and relevance as the key factor, you are guaranteed with good results. You should know what and how of this.

Equally, you should also be updating yourself with the changes in the algorithms. New technologies like AR and VR are getting accommodated.

Changes affect your SEO process and audits. It is not only got to do with your www but also your other graphs. You will know this only if you enter the gophers burrow.