Squarespace Landing Page

Key Design Elements of a Squarespace Landing Page That Converts

The Squarespace is an all-inclusive website platform. It offers best solutions to users who wish to create a unique, effective, and memorable online presence to share their stories with the world through a Squarespace landing page.

  • Square space is not a landing page per se, but rather a website builder that acknowledges the impact of landing pages in lead generation. This makes it necessary for us to shed some lights on the Squarespace landing page.

Easy steps to create a Squarespace


1. Find the Page ID

Right click on the page you intend to customize and scroll down to find the page ID. Finding the page ID will help you in isolating your page from the other pages. Save the ID number for safety and remembrance in case you forget.

2. Customize the CSS

You will use the CSS code to remove the header. Copy the code that is displayed on the screen using either a text editor or a new word document. Check out the italicized numbers and replace them with the page ID you got in step 1 above.

3. Insert Code into your Site

As simple as that, after getting the design and customizing the CSS, finally, insert the code into the site.

4. Save and refresh the page

Functions of a Squarespace Landing page

1. To Generate Leads

Squarespace Landing Page

Let us take a look at the Facebook post featuring John Malkovich. It is designed with a sense of urgency, ‘’get your domain before it is gone’’

At the end of the video, the audience is directed to the home page with a header banner with a clickable page. This page serves the purpose of preparing the readers to undertake actions. The page is able to achieve this goal because of the following reasons:

• The black background gives a sense of professionalism and quality.

• They use videos of high quality. This boost trust, credibility, and interest. The final result is the desire to build a personal website using the Squarespace.

• The images are purposefully and strategically placed. The image on the first page connects with the readers’ emotions and the images on the next page showcase the quality of what he has to offer.

• They provide price comparison on the first page to let potential leads know that their deals are better than that of their competitors.

• White space on both pages is eye-catching and bring focus to the important points on the page. White space also keeps the page organized.

Elements of the Squarespace Landing Page should Test and Implement

• So much is distracting. The many exit links on the page increase exit rates and thus lowers the conversion rates. What if the main menu were removed?

• The call to action button should be made to contrast with the main color theme. Using bright colors would be more appealing to the eye resulting in more leads.

• The gray text on the second page is not so clear. Making the text large enough would not strain the readers’ eyes.

2. To Assist Companies with Logo Making


Squarespace takes pride in building websites as well as creating company logos.

What they do well:

• Their headline is simple and clear making you believe that creating your company logo with them will be an easy task.

• The image gives you an idea of what your business card would look like if you decide to seek their logo making services.

• Their form is short and only requests for the relevant and necessary information. This makes it possible to quickly complete the form.

• The arrow near the form directs the customers to the next step of action.

What could be A/B Tested

• The business card should have a different color to make it pop out.

• The two hyperlinks at the bottom are distracting and could be gotten rid of, for high focus and attention on creating the logo.

• Adding value text explaining the benefits of creating a logo with Squarespace could work magic in lead generation.

3. To Target Different Business Segments


What the page does well

• The headline and the sub-header are effective since they directly address the reader as well as talking about the offers. This makes the customers feel important and enticed to create a blog with them.

• The customer service staff image gives the customers the reassurance that they can seek clarifications at any time.

• The white space keeps the page organized and grabs the customers’ attention.

• They provide a list of benefits in bullet points, making the page less cluttered.

What could be A/B tested:

• The CTA button could use more appealing colors.

• The CTA could use more value-driven words like ‘’help me create my blog,’’ than just the generic ‘’get started.’’

• The main navigation menu could be removed to allow room for more concentration.

4. To Provide an Online Community for their Users


Squarespace Landing Page

The page offers their experienced customers the opportunity to join and interact with other professionals. These users can access different experts to give them the necessary support.

What they do well:

• White space organizes the page by breaking it into different sections, therefore enhancing visibility and readability.

• The ‘’learn more’’ call to action is customized with clickable links that direct the readers to the benefits of joining the community.

• The bullet list of features and values is appealing and makes the page less cluttered.

What could be A/B tested:

• Several outbound links present the readers with too many options to just click away from the page.

• The call to action button could be made bold with a contrasting and appealing color like orange. Transparent is not so eye-catching or attention-grabbing.

• The call to action copy could use more enticing words like ‘’I want to join the community,’’ rather than the generic ‘’join now’’

• Adding testimonials from members who have joined and benefitted from the community would boost trust and credibility leading to a higher conversion rate.

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Important Tips


1. Emphasize the value of the offer using a few bullet points or short and clear paragraphs. Don’t just concentrate on listing what the landing page offers.

Instead, briefly and clearly describe the specific value of your offer, emphasizing on the solution the offer gives by taking into account the needs and interests of your visitors. This will give people a compelling incentive to respond to your CTA.

If you fail to communicate this, the users might feel that they are not on the right page.

2. Be specific and only ask for the information you really need. Fewer fields in your forms mean less work for your visitors resulting in higher lead conversion rate. Visitors tend to shy away from long, tedious forms. Test the form to establish which form length is best for you.

3. Customize the submit button. Avoid using the term ‘’register’’ on your form button as much as you can so as not to make people shy away from performing the required tasks.

You can instead opt for statements that relate to values to be achieved in return such as, ‘’get your domain today’’ Ensure that the button you are giving is big, bold and colorful.

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