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How to build Social Media Marketing Sales Funnel

It is not enough to just maintain a strong social media presence; you also have to consider the content that you post.

You have to develop a social media marketing mindset so that you can start thinking about conversion optimization when planning and executing social media campaigns.

Once you start viewing your social media profiles as a part of a larger marketing funnel then you can start fine-tuning your strategy and developing ongoing connections thus increasing your conversions.

What is a marketing funnel?


Social Media Marketing


This is the journey that your customers take from when they first discover your brand until they make a purchase or refer a friend to the website.

The stages of social media marketing funnel depend on your goals. The exact nature of any marketing funnel tends to change from one industry to the next.

The funnel starts with the user realizing that they have a problem or need that needs solving which applies to both business-to-consumer and business-to-business transactions.

After making the discovery of the problem, the user will start shopping around for a solution and thus end up stumbling upon your brand.

The customer will carefully evaluate what you are offering relying on the information available on your site. The further down the funnel the customer gets the deeper their research will be.

It is important that as a company you offer relevant information to enable the user make a decision on whether to take up your company’s offer or not.

Social media as a marketing funnel


Social media can act as a marketing funnel on its own to guide customers through the buying process.

When a customer first encounters a Facebook ad page through a targeted ad, an update from a friend or a news feed and the content appeals to him or her, then there is a very good chance that he or she will follow the page or even decide to directly contact the company or visit the company’s website to get more information.

More interaction with the company on their social media page will help to carefully guide the customer to take essential steps that ultimately lead to a conversion for the company.

Most social media funnels today depend heavily on paid social ads which aim to send as much target traffic as they can to an already optimized landing page where the conversion process will occur.

Creating your own social media funnel


Social Media Marketing


You will be able to create relevant target content for your company’s marketing strategy once you are able to view your social media campaigns through the angle of your company’s overall funnel strategy.

The following are some pointers to help you in creating your own social media funnel:

Social Media Marketing: Start With a Strategy


You should ensure you have a clear goal for your social media marketing funnel. Determine whether social media fits into your marketing strategy and what are the intentions of the content on your page.

Social Media Marketing: Focus on a few key strategies per platform

Prioritize your social media platforms according to the once mostly used by your target audience and how the platform fits into your strategy.

Social Media Marketing: Monitor the metrics that matter


It doesn’t matter how confident you are about the content that you have created, you should always pay attention to your social media metrics.

When you evaluate the metrics for each stage of your funnel you can discover what works and what needs adjusting.

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