Social Media Marketing Tools

Social Media Marketing Tools That Can Help Your Business

In today’s world, one of the best ways that any business organization can become popular is by the proper use of social media.

It not only helps in reaching a wider audience but also ensures that the business stands out in its field.

So having some of the major social media networks is a necessity for any brand who wants to lead the industry by engaging its potential and current customers in new ways.

There are numerous social media tools but if any business wants to progress, it becomes pivotal that the social media chosen should be effective and for that investment is to be made in right tools which will help in both managing and optimizing the users posts.

Recent times have clearly witnessed that the business organizations have continued to spend more and more on various social media marketing tools.

The pressure is now  on social media managers to ensure that this trust and the amount of money invested is paid back with the effectiveness of various social media platforms.

With the advent of new innovations, it is seen that new and new features are added to big social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

So it becomes important that proper set of tools are purchased. Here are some of the best social media marketing tools:

Social Media Marketing Tools #1: Buffer


Social Media Marketing Tools


It is regarded as one of the best campaign management tools for any business organization. Buffer is known to all the social media marketers who know what he is doing at the present moment.

Buffer is available in both the free and the paid options. A free option includes the basic services but for advanced services it is to be purchased.

Buffer helps in scheduling all sorts of social media posts and not only that it allows the same on every kind of social media platform that one can virtually imagine.

Its uses also include designing the specific posting patterns as per the needs of the user.

It also features an analytic dashboard for all the posts within specific time frames, also allowing the user to evaluate the performance and the engagement of the posts.

Social Media Marketing Tools #2: Sprout Social


Social Media Marketing Tools


Sprout can also be said to be another type of tool like buffer. But the difference comes on the point that Sprout Social is available only in the paid plans. But Sprout Social comes with a twist i.e Customer Relationship Management.

It is regarded as one of the best customer relationship management tool. It still comes with the traditional set of features.

Though, its features are unique in the sense that they are aimed towards engagement tracking and allowing managers to foster and nurture the relationship with the customers through a fast and efficient manner.

Social Media Marketing Tools #3: MeetEdgar


Social Media Marketing Tools


It is amongst one of the finest social media tools. It aids in scheduling by allowing the user to recycle the old posts that had been posted earlier.

All the user has to do is to organize the posts in a homogenous manner and that can be by categorizing them according to a specific category, then scheduling all the content by category and then leave the rest of the work to the tool.

It will automatically go through all the content that was organized and then post the content from each category. Once it goes through all of the scheduled posts, it stats recycling the older posts.

Social Media Marketing Tools #4: Hootsuite


Social Media Marketing Tools


It is considered to be one of the most simple but the most powerful tool for all the average social media marketers.

It also comes in both the free and the paid version but the paid version is also not that expensive.

Hootsuite can be used to schedule the posts on a number of social media platforms and also measure analytics in order to understand how the content is performing.