The Ultimate Guide To GIFs For Your Social Media Marketing

GIFs are important marketing tools in social media. Brands use them in their online marketing strategies to share humor or quick information about their products to the audience. We will focus on how to use ‘feel better GIF’ for business.

When should you Use GIFs on Social Media?


These animated wonder images bring youthful entertainment to your social media timeline. They entertain and engage your visitors.

GIFs also reduce your products from appearing too serious. You can use the GIFs in a number of ways depending on the goal of your marketing campaign.

Below is how you can use the GIFs to communicate your goals:

To Showcase your Products


GIFs are dynamic. You can use them to show off details and motion about your products.

They allow the highlighting of the important features of your products. You are therefore to grab your audience’ attention and direct their focus on where you want them to be.

To Gamify your Posts


Use the GIFs to gamify your posts. Gamified posts are more eye-catching and interesting than the normal posts.

Besides, people have a very short attention span for boring contents. Making your post feel like a game is a great way to get them to view your posts for the longest time possible.

To Provide Visual Instructions


Texts can be complicated and hard to understand. When you want to provide instructions to your audience, GIF is the way to go.

They loop forever and your visitors are able to watch them several times until they grasp your instructions.

Going Viral with Relatable Content


It is very easy for people to relate to GIFs. This means that your audience will be more than willing to share your contents with their social media friends and families.

What more could you ask for than this free product evangelism? Just make sure that your content is large enough for easy viewing and sharing.

Animating your Data


Using GIFs is a great way to display your data in a form that is more digestible. Use GIFs to add a pleasant color and life to your dull statistics.

To Reply, I Style to your Audience


Who said that you can never run out of words or emojis? GIFs provide a great way to provide feedback to any comment, like, Tweets or posts. GIFs make you appear more approachable and easy to relate to.

To Share some Humor


You don’t have to be so hard on yourself. It doesn’t also have to be about lead generation all the time.

Share some cool and humorous GIFs with your audience to entertain and engage them the more.

Providing a Sneak Peek


Use GIFs to build excitement and anxiety about the products or videos you intend to release in the future.

This hooks your audience and they will be looking forward to the new launch with great anticipation.

How you can Use GIFs to Grow your Brand


GIFs were previously considered juvenile and unprofessional. That is now a thing of the past.

Brands have embraced the usage of GIFs to achieve the goals of their online marketing campaigns.

This is how you can use GIFs to engage your customers and to generate leads:

GIFs in Email


Embed a GIF in your newsletter to make it more exciting. Besides the normal message describing the values of your products, add a GIF to show your clients how the product works.

It helps you to excite your visitors as well as ensuring that they have a visual interpretation of your content. This will encourage them to subscribe to your products.

Ensure that you are relevant and consistent so that you don’t appear spammy.

Product Illustration


You may be on a tight budget to produce an HD video. The dimensional perspectives of a product that the videos can display are also limited.

GIFs negate these deficiencies. They highlight every single detail and features of your product.

Product Functionality


GIFs are not just limited to showcasing the features of a product. You can use them to give stepwise direction on how to use a product. This is applicable to technical or relatively new products.

Use GIFs to give a more visual insight into your complicated products. You don’t have to rely on your customers to click on it before it starts playing. They are dynamic. They are also quick and clear.

Homepage Engagement


The homepage is a great place to add GIFs to make your website more interesting and eye-catching. The GIFs excite your visitors and add life to your page.

Just make sure that you don’t include too many elements. A lot of elements increase the time the visitors will take to load the page.

They may also be destructive and make the visitors leave the landing page before taking any action.



GIFs play the role of directing your visitors to take action. Showcasing features of a product, or giving a visual interpretation of how to use the product grabs attention.

Create a strong call to action using the GIF. Make it large and appealing to grab your visitors attention.

You should also ensure that the GIF is value driven. This will entice your visitors to undertake the required action.

Social Media


Social media provides a large market in the current digital world. Millions of people actively use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for various purposes.

You can easily make these users follow you on your page, and convert them into leads. Using GIFs is an excellent way of achieving this goal.

Make your content engaging, interesting and attention-grabbing to collect followers. Provide your followers with interesting and valuable offers to convert them into leads.

Make the GIF sharable so that your followers can share it with their contacts.

Sneak Peek


It is easy for your clients to share evangelize about your new products on social media. Just make sure that you give your existing clients your very best and the news about it will spread faster than fire.

Use GIF to go live and showcase the features and values of your products. To be effective, use GIFs to create hype about the products or services before the actual launch.

Simple tips you should Consider when using GIFs

1. Choose an eye-catching element of your brand that you want to promote. This is to grab attention and give a long-lasting memory of your brand.

2. Assess the different features of your products to determine if there is any feature that could be enhanced using GIF.

3. Assess the values or emotions that the GIF triggers.

4. Determine if the content you make will interest your audience and encourage them to share the content.

5. Evaluate the methods you will use to track your audience response to the GIF. This could be an analytical tool that provides data on how the GIF is performing on your page and any adjustments to be made.

6. Create and incorporate the GIF into your online marketing strategy.



GIFs are easy and relatively cheap to make. They act as a hybrid of videos and images. Contact us at Lander and our experienced team will help you to generate better GIFs.