Content Marketing Strategy

White Papers: The ROI in Social Media Marketing

White papers play a very pivotal role for any company. A whitepaper is considered as an informational document which any company provides as a solution, with the aim of promoting the company and products.

It is considered as a marketing tool to provide information about the philosophy of the organization and also to persuade the potential customers.

What is the importance of social media marketing?


In this digital era, social media plays an extensive role not only in terms of reach but in other aspects as well. Social media not only provides a common platform to the organizations but to the potential customers as well.

This platform is aimed at raising the loyalty and the brand value of both customers and the organizations respectively.

Awareness about the latest products and services holds the key for success of any business organization and the same is ensured by the social media.

One of the best advantages of social media is that the same information can reach and bring awareness amongst masses at once. Therefore, there is no denying the fact that social media plays a crucial role in marketing.

Different Modes of Marketing White papers on Social Media?


Social Media Marketing


Social media brings a big boost in the arena of marketing and offer totally new opportunities for the same.

White paper being of great importance makes it crucial that they are formulated properly and then marketed properly.

As stated earlier as well that social media provides new opportunities and a new platform via providing various modes for the marketing of the white papers. Some of the methods are:-

Social Media Marketing #1: Blogs


Social Media Marketing


Blogs are a good source of marketing the White Papers. Blogs require two prerequisites i.e. research and the content of the blog, whereas while the formulation of the research papers these two essential elements have already been complied with.

The different chapters of the White papers can be converted into a new blog always maintaining the curiosity amongst its readers and persuading them thereby. This can serve as a crucial method of promoting the White Papers.

Social Media Marketing #2: Social Media Posts


Social Media Marketing


One of the most obvious options when looking for social media is via posts. The White paper can be segregated into various material facts that form the gist of the paper and then be posted timely or again and again via different means.

This can be done by simple text posts which are less preferred or can be done via pictures or videos which depict or highlight the White Paper; rather the second option is considered as the best way to captivate the consumers as they can relate to such pictures and videos as compared to normal text posts.

Social Media Marketing #3: Query Resolution


The companies also need to ensure that the mere purpose is just not to persuade customers once but to keep them in the long run, so it becomes pivotal that a good base is set upon regular basis to resolve all the queries and problems they face at once.

So timely uploading of videos can be considered as one of the steps in this direction. Precautions need to be taken .Every business organization needs to operate carefully while using Social Media. Here are some of the precautions:

• Creating an attractive landing page to attract more and more customers and also focusing on the population in general rather than the target group only.

• Organizations need to be careful while posting, these posts can be repeated but should not be over repeated.

• While posting on any platform, what becomes crucial is that it is not posted with a general name, rather should be as specific as it can go.

• The social media can reach various people at one but it becomes important as well that these potential customers are met personally which can be achieved by arranging meetings

What are the advantages of Social Media Marketing ?


• Increases the brand awareness amongst the potential customers.

• Social media marketing brings more inbound traffic from places where the traditional sources cannot reach.

• The conversion rates of the potential customers increase four folds.