Social Media Landing Page

5 Tips to Create an Effective Social Media Landing Page

There are many active users on the different social media platforms. This gives brands the market to showcase their products. Businesses can convert their followers into leads if they adopt an effective social media landing page design.

5 Tips to Create an Effective Social Media Landing Page

1. Determine your Main Call to Action


The social media landing page serves the purpose of triggering and influencing the decisions of the followers. They are most likely not ready to buy. This is where your landing page comes into play.

Use the page to grab their attention and engage them on your page for some time. If you do this effectively, they may decide to take the required action immediately or come back to the page at a later time.

You should think of your main call to action. Make the call to action enticing and value-driven for a long lasting impression about your products.

Keep the call to action easy and simple. Don’t assume that your audience will just figure out the action they should take. Guide them instead.

The call to action button should be large enough with a contrasting color for easy visibility. Straining the visitors’ eye will make them abandon the page before taking the main action.

2. Provide your Contact Information


You should include your email address, phone number, business location or website on the landing page.

This will communicate a high level of professionalism and seriousness in your business. Your followers will develop trust and will consider your business credible and trustworthy.

Providing contact info also gives your followers to learn more about your business in the search engines.

The audience may also need to make some quick inquiries about your business. The easiest way to do this is by contacting you through the phone number or email address you provided on your page.

3. Use the Best-Branded Images


Texts may be a bit complicated to read and understand. Use images to enhance understanding and memorability.

Images grab attention and keep the audience interested to find more about your content.

Examples of companies that use images on their social media pages

1. Teambit


Teambit uses a tool cartoon to grab the attention of their audience and keep them interested on their page. This increases their conversion rate.

2. Landbot


Landbot uses an appealing animated GIF to attract the attention of their audience and entice them to take the required actions.

4. Keep Your Social Media Landing Page Simple And Concise


Use simple words that are relevant and easy to understand. Do not crowd your page with unnecessary texts or images as this will confuse and discourage your followers. All these are aimed at retaining the visitors to your page.

5. Understand Your Audience


Understanding your audience will enable you to generate the best content for them.  Know what they want or their problems.

Provide content that offers solutions to the problems and gives them a promise. You can even go a notch higher to promise them that they will get back their money if they don’t get the value you promised them.

Examples of social media landing page

We will look at examples of landing pages on different social media platforms. This includes:

1. Facebook Landing Page


Many brands invest a lot of money to advertise their products on Facebook. Some of these promotions are successful. Some brands need to put a little more effort to get maximum returns on investment.

Facebook Ad Landing Page by JibJab


This is a fairly good landing page. It has a sample video featuring an empty face.

What works:


Minimal text - The video featuring an empty face explains the offer and you do not need extra text to understand the concept of the offer.

Inserting even a thumbnail before playing the image will reveal the empty face. This makes it possible for the users to understand the concept without necessarily playing the video.

A bright green button with a ‘’make your own’ ’call to action- The call to action is clear and precise, making it easy for readers to take action. The bright green button contrasts well with the background, making it appealing to the eye.

Good related content - We don’t recommend advertising other products on your landing page. However, the idea works here and excites the visitors to get more JibJab videos.

Social Media Landing Page

What could be the A/B test?


• The text ‘’add your face to’’ a ‘’happy’’ should be repeated in the headline. This will cement the ad and the landing page. It will also make the copy more interesting than just ‘’Happy’’ or ‘’Dances.’’

• The tags section serves no valuable purpose and should be hidden from the page. Adding social proof elements like customer testimonials, awards and security features could be more useful than the tags.

Facebook Ad Landing Page by Health Line

Social Media Landing Page

What works:

• The text where they offer to provide hard to find information makes them appear mysterious and unique.

• The profile picture that communicates professionalism

What could be A/B Test?


• Their Facebook page doesn’t explain what the company is all about.

• The relationship between the number 7 and Health Line is not clear.

• Adding a cover photo will make the page more effective.

Twitter Landing Pages


Conducting marketing campaigns on Twitter requires you to have the clever, quick and precise mindset of Twitter.

A designated Twitter landing page will not always work here. This is because most of the links shared on this platform are articles and blog posts.

Your Twitter followers can be precise when it comes to your Twitter links. Understand your visitors pus their needs. Strive to design your page to meet the needs of those who click on your Twitter link.

Include links or references to your favorite blogs and articles. Below are the examples of Twitter landing page:

Blogger Darren Rowse

Social Media Landing Page

What works:

• Darren includes his username @username to his headline, making it easy to search him.

• The first line makes the visitor feel appreciated for clicking the URL on his profile.

• He talks about his ProBlogger Twitter profile

• He mentions his book and gives directions on how to find him on other social media platforms.

What could be A/B test?


The page is so long. Making it appear short could encourage more followers to read the content.

Hootsuite Twitter

Social Media Landing Page

What works:

1. The bullet points make the page scannable and easy to comprehend.

2. The trust signal below the profile boosts the followers’ trust and confidentiality.

What needs work

• The form size would be reduced to save the visitors’ time.

• The ‘’submit’’ button could be customized into a more appealing call to action which offers value to the visitors.


Social Media Landing Page

What works:

• SendGrid uses bullet points to make it easy to scan the page.

• The trust signal helps to boost the visitors’ trust and confidence about the business.

• The image enhances understanding and memorability about their content.

• The orange color on the action button contrasts well with the blue background. This enables the visitors to focus on the call to action.

What needs work

The headline is too long. Two lines in a headline will bore the visitors.



Creating a great social media landing page design doesn’t have to be a hard task. Contact us at Lander for professional input.