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Hot Tips on Social media Integration for your website

Social media integration  is the best  practice and platform to link up with people both in and around the world. Distance is not at all any issue online. Nowadays people are more connected to the virtual world rather the real world.

Our generation is a kind of more addicted to all the social sites that we hardly get time for other things.

But this cannot be blamed for all the bad that is happening all around because every little thing in this universe comes with both positive and negative impacts. It all depends on us how we take it.

Social media integration practice is a vast expanse of area which includes platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram, blogging sites and many more. Through these we can share a huge lot of information across the globe within just a fraction of a second.

Moreover, it is now a major source of providing employment facilities to people all over the world. People can earn their livelihood by sitting at their places and this has been made possible only because of internet.

Why Use Social Media Integration?


Social Media Integration


Almost all the businesses have been using this platform to its best to reach out target audience. Many national and international firms are becoming online as a way to enhance their sale and productivity.

They try every hook and corner to link up with more and more people. For this many companies or firms have linked up their accounts to famous social sites such as facebook so that people get to know about their brand.

Marketers these days do an extensive research know the customer’s needs and demands when applying social media tactics.

By connecting to social media every company gets fame and becomes approachable to all sorts of feedback.

Social media integration gives a major boost in the growth of the company. There are many ways by which one can do the integration of the social media with the company website.

How to do Social Media Integration


Social media Integration


Here we are mentioning some of the ways by which we can integrate social media on our website:

• Providing an option along with the login of any major social networking site is also a good way of integration.

Social media icons can be included in emails.

• Sign-ups should be made a little easy process for people to handle.

Options for feedback such as “like” or “share” must be provided through buttons or widgets and these must be just along the image of the product or service so that they are easily shared amongst people.

Development of apps is also a good idea to support social media integration as not everybody has a profile on social networking sites.

• In addition to these the company should have a specific logo or a brand name which can be linked up to other sites through hyperlinks.

• Advertisements can be made regarding the endorsements which can be made to appear as pop-ups or during the log in.

• Log in procedure can be associated with sites like gmail or facebook or through the phone numbers.

• Messaging facility can be allowed.

The leaders or the members in-charge must take due notice of people sharing their success stories as these can become part of company’s ethos and influence the integration of social media in marketing activities.

Thus, through these activities we tend to bring unity in diversity. This is a powerful strategy that can get us links, attention and traffic.

We will be able to engage more and more people into our business as the social connection is just between the business and the visitor.


Therefore, our generation has a better way to deal with the problems due to the advancement in technology. There is no reason not to integrate the social media. Just get started and take the maximum benefit of the technology.