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Hot Tips to Boost SEO With Social Media Backlinks

It is a common misconception that backlinks from social media have no use. This is false as social media can be quite useful when it comes to ranking of sites. Social media backlinks presents an audience that could benefit a site.

Sites can be accessed via clicking on links that are typically present on newsfeeds. Below are ways one can take advantage and build backlinks on social media that can significantly affect traffic and social signals.

How to Track Social Media Backlinks


Social media backlinks can be easily tracked using UTM parameters as well as Google Analytics. Google Analytics can easily inform you of the site from which you received a click.

The information can be found under ‘acquisitions’ which is found under campaigns which is located under all campaigns in the Google Analytics site.

It is, however, important to note that UTM parameters cannot be used on social profiles. In cases where the social media site will display the website’s complete URL, shortening the URL using or anything similar will permit the use of UTM parameters.

This strategy will, however, affect branding as people tend to be deterred when they spot links with

Social media Backlinks: Facebook Link Building


Social Media Backlinks


• Your personal profile’s about tab

This ensures that visitors of your Facebook profile are able to connect to your chosen site. The website’s link can also be placed under a field that is indicated as Contact and Basic Info that is usually found on a tab indicated ‘your about’.

The field should then be indicated as ‘public’ to allow everyone to see it regardless of whether they are connected to you. The link also remains visible even I circumstances where one has not logged in. when the Facebook page is also identified as your employer on your profile, linking also happens.

Visitors will, therefore, have more than one way of accessing your site from the links on your personal information.

• Personal profile and page posts

Links can be placed on Facebook posts to redirect to a website. Whenever posts are placed on your timeline publicly, you should add the sites URL in a similar manner as Facebook is able to reference links to E.g. thanking someone for your inclusion in a link to an article you were named in.

you are also able to take advantage of video sharing ability presented by Facebook.

• Your page’s about Tab

This tab presents opportunities for one to link to the site with assistance from links on The website link should be displayed on your page. Benefits can be multiplied when the is included within the page’s summary description and with a landing page used in the field of the site.

• Page buttons

It is possible to have page buttons that are able to act as a form of call-to-action for those with access to your page.

They mostly appear below a cover image. They can be edited by revealing a drop-down menu after hovering over it. A link to your site can be done by editing the button.

• Cover photo descriptions and your profile

This is an area that is constantly overlooked. A website link can be placed with the photo. Those who click on the photo can browse through your website.

• Your group description

Include the domain within the initial 96 characters to ensure those visiting the group can access the website.

• Group pinned posts

To ensure your links are the first to be seen upon access to Facebook groups, pin posts to the top. This action will increase traffic to the site and works well when members are able to add more to the group.

Social media Backlinks: Twitter link building


Social Media Backlinks

• Your Twitter website field

Include the website, when setting up an account to allow the site to be presented as a clickable link present on the profile page.

• Your Twitter bio

Place a link on your 160 character bio in addition to the one on your profile. This allows the link to be visible in the search results unlike the link on your profile.

• Photo and video tweets

Always include links to your site while sharing videos and photos. If the photos and videos are retweeted, the link will be accessible to a larger group of people.

Social media Backlinks: LinkedIn Link Building


• Your profile’s contact info

It is possible to add up to 3 links on a profile’s contact information. The links are visible on top of your LinkedIn profile to benefit users who are yet to log in. UTM parameters can be used to track links.

• The profile’s projects and publications

A link to your site can be included in the project and publications section. The links can still be tracked using UTM parameters.

• The Company’s basic information

The site allows the use of a website under the grouping of basic information. A landing page relating to the URL can be used to showcase the product or service.

• Your group’s website

While coming up with group settings a website can be added to the group information. The information will still be available to those who do not belong to the group.

• Group announcements

Facebook is at a disadvantage when compared to LinkedIn groups as the group owners are able to deliver announcements through the use of large group emails sent to group members.

Social media Backlinks: YouTube Link Building


Social Media Backlinks


• YouTube about page

A link here will be in a strategic position where access to your page is highly possible. Those who appear on your channel will see the links that are displayed below the header image. The subscribe button is well placed to ensure attention is garnered.

• Video descriptions

Videos on this site tend to have descriptions that one is able to click on. It should be at the beginning of your video description.

Social media Backlinks: Pinterest Link Building


Your profile link

Pinterest only allows the use a single link so one should make good use of it. Verification is necessary before one is allowed to gain access to links on Pinterest.

Rich pins

They allow photo posting. Similar to how it is done on Facebook. This implies that links can easily be included in the posted content.

Social media Backlinks: Instagram link building

Instagram generally has limited options.

• Your profile link
A link can be added to the profile with an icon attached to attract attention.

• Instagram stories

Links can be added when stories are created though they will not last long. Include a strong call to action.

Social media Backlinks: Quora Social Link Building


• Your profile

The hyperlinks, in this case, can only be done on your own.

• Your answers

Use links to your site and content. The content is visible for a while.

• WhatsApp Status

Links can be easily placed in the profile picture.

• Video Streaming sites

Services such as periscope and twitch will prove useful here to allow the inclusion of links. The videos can be easily located by interested viewers.

• Do an AMA

This includes sites such as Inbound. Some followed links will be made available upon introduction. Those accessing the site tend to be seeking more information that relates to your site.