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Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers

Social Media Analytics is a derivative of data science in form of a secondary data, as a part of social analytics. It is a doctrinal view developed by a Danish historian and philosopher Lars-Henrik Schmidt.

Social media analytics tools are for discovering consumer responses spread across numerous online sources.

With the social media platform widening, it is serving as a greater expanse for the social media analytics to study and compile more and more information and distribute amongst the consumers (in this case, marketers).

Social media analytics tools helps the marketers to place the opinion, emotion and trends for improving the service delivery mechanism to their customers.

Since few years back, enterprises have been paying the market research companies for polling consumers and gather information of different sorts from the targeted consumers; which in present day, consumers are openly posting in public on social media.

This allows the enterprises to extract information about how the consumers respond to their product or brand, what are their tastes and preferences and what direction the market is heading into.

In an age of start-ups on the high, social media analytics is proving to be very useful. Here are the Best (Paid) Social Media Analytics Tools:

Social Media Analytics Tools #1: BRAND24


Brand24 is a Polish Internet monitoring and social media monitoring company. It gathers results from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, discussion forums, blogosphere etc. it was launched in 2011.

It helps you discover what people are saying about your brand online in real time. There is a function of ‘Influence Score’ to identify people with most social influence; a ‘Sentiment Analysis’ to segment by positive, negative and neutral mentions.

It helps reach customers fast, detect sales opportunities by social search and competitor knowledge. It is open for all—one-person business, startup or a Fortune 500. 1, 00,000 companies use Brand24.

Social Media Analytics Tools #2: KEYHOLE


Keyhole is a Canadian hashtag and keywords tracking company from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It helps you track all posts containing your hashtags and keywords from social media sites; monitor all posts by your brand and your competitors through account tracking and reporting.

It also shows you your popularity quotient through number of Retweets, Likes and Impressions on your product.


Social Media Analytics Tools

Further, it tracks the most influential people engaging with your brand, helping you identify with whom could you collaborate to promote your brand and increase your reach and market share.

A number of Public Relations and communication agencies, marketers, CEO and executives and journalists are engaged with Keyhole.

Social Media Analytics Tools #3: UNAMO


Unamo is a social media monitoring enterprise. It provides you with real time results in forms of number of times your company is mentioned.

It also provides actionable analytics to measure the success and potential of your marketing campaigns through key performance indicators such as- interactions, popularity and sentiment.

Moreover, it helps you monitor your progress too. Then it has even got an Influence Tracker too. The social channels under scrutiny are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

One of the unique features that they provided you with is ‘Word Cloud’ which helps you visualize the words that appear most frequently in the context with your query.

Also, it helps you locate your consumer so you could channelize your marketing focus and design your content according to their demand.

Social Media Analytics Tools #4: SIMPLIFY360


Simplify360 is an Indian social business intelligence platform which has a collection of software for marketing and customer service departments. It helps you monitor social media, Social Customer Relationship Management, social media marketing.

It provides services such as Online Reputation Management, insights and analysis for marketing projections, footprint analysis, feeds you live updates and provides reports of your brand performance in the social media world.

Social Media Analytics Tools #5: SYSOMOS


Sysomos is a Canadian social media analytics company and a global leader in social marketing and analytics. Sysomos serves more than 80% of top global brands.

Sysomos is a unified, insights-driven social platform that gives you the easiest way to--
Search through the social research engine to understand the social data and draw insights; Publish content and relationships across social channels in a single view;

Discover new insights by behaviors and interests; Engage with customers to enhance your customer service to drive brand health and customer satisfaction.

Listen to your customers using proactive social monitoring that automatically surfaces conversations; Analyze your earned, owned and paid data.

These are some of the world’s best Social Media Analytics tools you could access for a price. Here are a few more paid SMA companies—

1. SocialAppsHQ

2. Lithium

3. Alterian SM2

4. ListenLogic

5. HowSociable

We cannot say which one is the best of all. But we have compiled for you some of the most popular and used Social Media Analytics tools that could help your enterprise grow.

You could use one as per your own requirement. As it is said, “if you’re good at something, never do it for free”, following the saying, these companies are out here to deliver to you what they are best at, for a price. Hope you find the article helpful and informative.