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So You’ve Bought Landing Page Templates … Now What?

In order to market a website efficiently and effectively, having a well designed landing page becomes essential. A landing page, simply defined, is the destination that a visitor lands on when they have clicked on a Google AdWord ad or something similar to that, which prompts them into an action. The sole objective towards creating a landing page is that of increasing conversion rates of your marketing campaigns, where the focus remains on the Call-to-Action buttons.

On searching for something on Google, you typically land on a SERP or a search results page that is a combination of paid search results, google featured snippets, and organic search results. It is the organic search results that you have created your website for. However, there is no guarantee that your website will necessarily show up on the first page where the most traffic is. In that case, you can choose to send your visitors to a specific web page, with the preferred option being that of a standalone landing page.

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Let’s take a step back!

Some things that need to be taken into consideration before buying a landing page template, a quick and easy way to get your landing page concept off the ground, are these:

  1. One of the most important tasks of choosing a landing page template is deciding what the visitors want and being able to provide them with just that- as quickly as possible. Landing pages that put the focus on images will convert way better than that with an extensive text.
  2. A template that would allow you to personalize the message that your visitor is bound to see when he or she lands on your page is ideal. Based on where the visitor has come from and the information you have about them, you should be able to convey messages that are bound to convert them.
  3. It is always better to opt for a landing page that is minimalistic, streamlined, and focuses on conveying vital information as quickly and simply as possible.
  4. It is not always important to have the best looking page. Instead, you should ensure that the page loads quickly before the user decides to hop onto another website. Landing pages should at least have images or videos to engage the visitor in order to keep them interested while the main content is still loading.
  5. In today’s time, being mobile friendly is crucial considering that a majority of visitors come through mobile searches. Keeping that in mind, having a landing page that allows you to provide personal messages on portals that loads without taking too much time, and are also compliant with dimensions of a mobile would be ideal.

Now that you have bought a few templates that you think are best for your business, what should we do next? Buying the right landing page templates was just the beginning, here’s what you should do now to make full use of your investment.


Derive and Engage

Why would anyone buy a landing page template in the first place? Because they need to instigate visitors into taking an action, which would eventually convert them into leads, yes? So, now that you have bought the templates, you need to focus on deriving the attention it deserves. Whether you are reaching out to your existing customer base or want to attract newbies, it’s time to share the landing page on social media with the desired offer to drive unpaid, organic traffic to your site. So, just pick the URL and share it across all social media channels.

New subscribers? Why not!

Having people show interest in your product or service and having them sign up is only the beginning. You need keep them regularly engaged and interested if you are going to keep driving conversions. After they have subscribed to you, you will need all those templates you bought, in sending them customized emails, offers, promotions, event information, giveaways and any other tactics you have up your sleeves to make them keep coming back for more.


Is your template working fine?Ask! With another template~

The next step is to take in the feedback from your visitors. You can make use of programs that allow you to analyse the performance of your landing page, or better yet- just ask the users what they think of your website. Both, a survey and a live chat is considered to be an interruption method, but it is you who is to decide if the brand and user experience is worth it or not. From what has been noticed by surveys so far, it has been seen that there are three ways in which people usually take this form of feedback:

  1. Some will completely hate this interruption in their schedule as they are trying to make their way through your website.
  2. Some will love the personal touch you have added to the chats as they are trying to get their problem solved. And might just give you the feedback.
  3. And some will make the most of this opportunity and come up with hilarious responses. It is also the shield of anonymity that gets them to be more open about their feelings towards your services.


Creating social Ads

With some ready-to-use templates, it gets easy to push social ads on Facebook and Instagram to sell those products and services - to reach out to not only your audience but also others who might be interested in what you have to say or sell. And while you are at it, give equal importance to your messaging and context. A landing page template would be worthless without the right message. Remember that all these elements are helping you achieve your ultimate goal - getting more sign ups.


Having a landing page is one of the best ways to increase traffic, sign ups and subscribers. Building a growing list of customers could be one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy and the best way to do is with our free landing page templates and see some really great conversions happening on your site!