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6 Spectacular Snapchat Landing Page Strategies to Grow Your Business

Snapchat is a smartphone app that allows its users to send photos to their contacts that disappear after a few seconds. Most people use this app to send photos that would get them into big trouble but as a marketer, you could use Snapchat landing page to promote your business because it is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the market right now.

The idea of this app is developed around the concept of behavioral marketing which states that users are more likely to consume when they are put under pressure of quantity limitation or time restrictions.

There is usually a strong sense of urgency that arises from these situations that act as a very strong motivator. This concept helps businesses to increase their sales in very short periods of time.

The secrets of this strategy are:

• Create a sense of urgency

You should provide your audience with content that will only be available for a short period of time and don’t repeat it.

• Create a sense of need

Ensure that you create an incentive that will make your audience want to get your content and it doesn’t necessarily need to be a prize, you can put anything that users would like to get from your brand.

The options on Snapchat

When it comes to Snapchat there are only two types of content that can be shared, these are videos and images.

Both contents are limited to a time constraint of up to 10 seconds that can be changed in increasing fractions of 1 second.

Both the videos and images can be edited to a certain degree, this includes adding some text floating, drawing on top of the image and using a range of colors.

There are three more ways of sending out content on Snapchat. These are:

• You can send content to a single individual from your contact list

• You can send content to a selected list of individuals although Snapchat doesn’t allow you to select all or select a group

• The last way is creating a story that will be displayed on your profile for a period of 24 hours.

These Snapchat stories enable users to create a list of videos or images that will not disappear immediately after someone watches them but can still be accessed for the 24 hour time frame.

The following tips will help you as a business no matter the content sharing option you choose.

Snapchat Landing Page Tip #1: Promotional Video


Snapchat Landing Page

This is the same concept used by many marketers who are utilizing vine or instagram videos to promote their products the only difference being that Snapchat promotional videos have an expiry date.

You should create a story which has a short video talking about your brand or product. You should show a promotional message at some point in the video and explain to the users how to get an offer.

This will make people pay attention actively to your video thus generating sales and increasing your brand’s awareness.

You can also achieve the same thing using multiple images instead of a video. Ensure that you include the promotional image on only one of the images.

You should also make the duration of each individual image to be limited so as to make the users watch the story multiple times if they want to grab the promotional code.

This will help you generate the repetitive behavior that will make users better absorb your message.

Snapchat Landing Page Tip #2: Present a New Product


You should create a new story every day for several consecutive days with each story providing a better idea of the final product itself.

This will get everyone talking about your cool new product. You can effectively do this by adding one new image to each day’s story.

You can even decide to blur the image of the product on the first day and make it clear as days progress.

Or you can even start showing only the close ups of some of the product’s features. You should just make sure that each consecutive image provides a better idea about the new product than the image that came before it.

Ensure that you only show the image of the final product on the last day of the campaign.

This will help you to keep your followers wondering and guessing what the new product will be like and thus creating a sense of incentive.

Snapchat Landing Page Tip #3:  Drive traffic-online and Offline


Snapchat Landing Page

If you want people to come to your store, you can post a picture of it and accompany it with a message explaining to your following that an offer will be available for the duration of the Snapchat story you have posted.

If you have a chain of stores you can show the users something that all the stores have in common, whether it’s a logo, the menu etc…

if you just want to get online traffic, all you need to do is show an image containing the URL of the landing page you want your followers to visit.

Ensure that the URL is short enough for the users to remember easily. You can even use a URL shortening app like Bitly to customize the structure of our URL and make it easier for the users to remember.

Snapchat Landing Page Tip #4: Run Sweepstakes


Many people love to test their luck on various things, be it game of chance or sweepstakes.

Snapchat is a great platform for this kind of thing. You can create a promotion where every day a winner is randomly picked among the people in your contact list.

You can then send the lucky winner an image containing a unique code that they can redeem at their own convenience for a prize.

You should just make sure to mention in the rules for the promotion that the prize can only be redeemed on the same day that the code image was sent thus ensuring you maintain the sense of urgency that was explained earlier on in this article.

Snapchat Landing Page Tip #5: Generate Leads

You should first create a page on your website that contains an entry form. Ensure that the page is not linked within your website.

The next step is to create an easy URL to remember and place it on an image together with a brief message explaining what the promotion is all about and post it on Snapchat.

All the people that you get on this page will be coming from Snapchat whether directly or indirectly.

Most of these people will be likely to turn into quality leads because only people who are interested in your brand will pay attention to your Snapchat updates.

Snapchat Landing Page Tip #6: Show Your Company’s “cheeky” Side

You can decide to give your followers an interesting and fun ‘behind the scenes’ look on your company.

This will help prevent you from looking too corporate all the time and thus maintain the interest your followers have in your brand and keep them coming to your Snapchat page to see what you will post next.

You can post pics from the latest office party or even a video of how some of your products are made.

Thank you for taking the time to read about snapchat landing page and I hope you found it useful.

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