How can Small Businesses Successfully Market Their Mobile Apps?

How can Small Businesses Successfully Market Their Mobile Apps?

Having a mobile presence is an inevitable necessity for any business, whether large or small. A business brand gets more accessible and reliable to customers with a mobile app.

But how can a small business make its app more discoverable? How can a new app market itself for more users? In this post, we have offered the most effective ways a small business can market their mobile app.

Do you know in many parts of the globe including America consumers now spend more time gazing at their smartphone screens than the time they spend watching television?

The phenomenal increase in the usage of smartphone apps opened a smart digital avenue to stay connected with customers and smoothly manage the business operation.

While for large enterprises the digital footprint comprising web presence and enterprise mobility already became an irreplaceable necessity, small businesses have started to realize the importance of mobile apps for their business process and customer-centric operation.

Why are mobile apps so crucial for small businesses? Well, to understand how mobile apps can give an overhaul of the business operation and customer focus, the below-mentioned aspects can prove to be revealing.

  • Mobile apps, first of all, offers level playing field for businesses of all sizes. With a highly interactive mobile app gaining quick popularity, even a small business suddenly can look forward to competing for the stalwarts.
  • Mobile apps allow your business to stay connected with your customers and audience all the time.
  • They help retaining customers with robust scopes frequent visits.
  • Mobile apps allow easier and quicker transaction, easy browsing of products and real-time offers based on the visitor preference and contexts.
  • Having mobile apps a small business can better reach to customers through contextual push notifications and localization tools.
  • An app can deliver promotional offers and discounts more promptly than any other means.
  • Finally, with a mobile app representing your brand, you actually can address a global audience and present yourself to a larger market.

Well, all the advantages of mobile apps for any businesses are understood. But, how can a small enterprise make its app easily discoverable and gain a good amount of traction?

Well, this requires a few smart marketing maneuvers that without spending a fortune can quickly give a business what it needs initially - discoverability and a user base.

Let us introduce here few of the tips for mobile app marketing that can be effective for small businesses.

Build a Robust Online Presence

The app store is a crowded marketplace with too little attention span. For your own customers and potential users, you should rather have a dedicated website or a landing page to communicate on one to one basis.

What a website does for your customers? Well, it makes your digital footprint even bigger and actually influences them more for downloading the app. In the same way, it pushes your reviewers to take your app seriously.

But it is equally important to know for what purpose you are going to have a website for your app. No reviewers are interested in your business actually. Your customers also only want to know how the new app can add value to their user experience.

Your web page for the app should only try to educate the users regarding your app. This is why a single page website works better to promote or push the growth of your website.

Niche Influencer Marketing

Certain reviewers, bloggers, and websites enjoy a robust influence and unmatched credibility for their app reviews. To get your app quickly discovered by your target audience this is one of the most effective ways.

But, any influencers with a good number of followers and great industry recognition will not provide the output you are looking for.

The influential reviewer should be an expert in the industry your business or app belongs to.

For example, a music app can be best reviewed and prescribed by an influential figure in the music industry, not someone having expertise in mobile gaming.

You should target your app to be reviewed by someone stalwart from your niche.

Build up Credibility First With Your Own People

If your app is a new one, your objectives should be getting good reviews first and with this influencing more people to download and use the app. What do these reviews do for a new app?

They build credibility for an app in quick time. So, before spending a hefty sum of money on regular app marketing and advertisement, you should target building credibility through reviews.

Where from, to begin with? Well, we suggest doing this first with your own people, starting with your friends, acquaintances, neighbors, social connections, family, colleagues etc.

The first bulk of the reviews should come from your own people creating a wave of reactions. Have your own business card that orients people with your new app in an interesting manner.

Well, wherever you move or whoever be the person you interact with you can easily let people know about your app and digital footprint by sharing a business card containing relevant business information in an interesting format.

How many emails you receive in a day and how many of them you reply or initiate communication with? Comprising your personal and business emails it must be quite a few, right?

Well, let’s share the links of app web page or app store link of the app or some information about your app with every mail.

While in some emails you can be very direct and take the most part of the email body for this purpose, in others you can just share the app information as part of an email template.

Make Your Launch Big

Your app launch offers you a chance to reach your audience in a big way. So, long before the actual launch, you should exercise every possible maneuver to make the event big.

Actually, through a pre-launch marketing, you are not only able to create a sensation for the launch event but can also influence people for downloading the app even before it is unveiled publicly.

You can generate tremendous excitement through social media. For a hugely effective social media campaign start at least having 3 months in hand before your app release date.

Publish interesting teasers, interactive contents, and intriguing app videos across social platforms to generate interest.

Can you throw out an event for your app user audience? Well, nothing can work better than this.

To announce the app launch you can organize events and invite notable community members, local press people, bloggers and social media influencers to create buzz around the app.

But most important of all, there should be a ramp-up towards the launch event through persistent marketing and content publishing. A successful pre-launch marketing campaign should include the following.

  • Publishing blogs and content regarding the new app on social media and website.
  • Creating excitement through the website and other media channels
  • Creating buzz with publications and teasers in local publications and media channels

To conclude we must reaffirm the importance of a robust social media campaign for any new app. It is doubly important for small businesses that run short in cash flow and resources at the initial stage.

Build a social media strategy with clear objectives in terms of getting positive reviews, page views and download numbers in mind.