Skills to Maser If You Wish to Achieve Success as an SEO Expert

SEO professionals generally come from diverse backgrounds. Some of them are entrepreneurs while others are programmers, or conventional marketers and more. The SEO team in your organization could be brilliant, efficient, and productive if you have devoted considerable time in choosing the right candidates with the perfect SEO skills to boast of. SEO professionals must necessarily possess certain essential skills and they must master these skills if they wish to be successful in their careers. Let us explore some of the top skills to look for while employing the services of SEO professionals.


Today as organizations are becoming more dynamic, flexible, and interconnected, soft skills have become all the more crucial for achieving success. As per the Global Human Capital Trends report published by Deloitte in 2016, executives now feel that soft skills are important for improving leadership, fostering employee retention, and creating a meaningful culture. Around 92% of the respondents had admitted that soft skills are of crucial priority. The best thing is that you could learn and master soft skills. As per resilience training specialists, who are experts at training and teaching professionals how to develop soft skills, these skills are essential in creating team leaders, strong employees, and organizations. Problem-solving skill is one such soft skill that is essential if you wish to succeed as an SEO professional in your career. You can play mind games like Chess, Sudoku, jigsaw puzzle to enhance your problem-solving skills

As per, the capability of getting into the typical ‘problem-solving mode’, sticking to it over extended periods and keep on persisting in that mode until an issue is resolved instead of completely disengaging yourself and giving up-is supposed to be the secret to tackling the challenges that are inevitable while performing a role more effectively and efficiently. Determination and strong willpower to hang in there until the problem has been resolved is something that you need to cultivate and master over time.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a skill that is difficult to measure but it is essential and critical for SEO professionals. They must possess an analytical mind so that they can differentiate between causation and correlation. An SEO expert must understand the fundamental ‘3 what’ such as:

  • What has happened?
  • Why it has happened?
  • What we should consider doing about it?

There could be numerous ways of measuring a professional’s critical thinking ability. You could ask them hypothetical interview questions that help you understand precisely their thought process. Some common sample interview questions are asked, for instance, ‘Suppose you and your client are disagreeing on the course of action. What would be your approach and how would you conduct the meeting?’

Another typical sample interview question would be ‘A client wants to know if we could provide SEO assistance for their new website. What would be the first few things you would be looking at?’

There are obviously, no wrong or right answers to these sorts of questions. However, they help employers to get an idea of how the candidate’s mind is working, his exact thought process and how he would attack issues. The intention here is to make sure that SEO professionals understand an issue from various angles and utilize logic and data while making a decision to perform SEO Services.

Writing & Speaking Abilities

An SEO expert who could perform his own keyword research or create content incorporating those keywords into it is certainly an asset for any organization. An SEO agency must be capable of convincing his clients and internal teams to take the right course of action and that would come from writing decks, POVs, case studies, etc. and speaking at meetings. All these responsibilities involve sound writing skills and excellent communication skills. SEO necessitates confidence and the capability of distilling thoughts and ideas into easier concepts that could be understood by non-SEO people so that they could make the right decisions.

Analytics Skills

SEO professionals could easily save a considerable amount of time if they could log into Google Analytics or Adobe and get their own data. For chalking out a proper SEO strategy it is of pivotal importance to have a basic understanding and sound knowledge of business KPIs. It is essential for SEO professionals to get Google Analytics or Adobe certified. They may not always have to pull the data; however, the understanding helps in the SEO scenario. If an SEO professional is unable to segment or pull data, he is sure to miss out on valuable insights.

Excel Skills

Often pulling the data may not prove to be adequate. Sometimes it becomes necessary for you to consider manipulating the data a little bit for obtaining crucial insights you need. Many SEO pros are not able to perform the simplest Excel tasks. Concatenates, Vlookups, and IF statements must be an integral part of the toolset for every SEO professional. An SEO pro would need to create infinite Excel templates that go a long way in solving day to day issues. Whether it’s measuring algorithm changes along with their effect with Adobe/GA data, converting a typical Screaming Frog crawl seamlessly into an XML sitemap, coming up with customized CTR simply by position curves or speedily bucketing the right keywords from directly the search console by product groups, for an SEO professional, Excel is invaluable.

Motivation, Drive, & Adaptability

SEO is not restricted to typical office hours. A marketing job doesn’t seem to be something that you would leave at your office every evening. Your job, your responsibilities, your issues relating to your job would stay there in your mind. An SEO professional could achieve success if he has the drive, the determination or the dedication to go on learning. The SEO landscape is truly dynamic and it keeps changing. It becomes quite a challenging task to keep pace with the numerous algorithms.

Whether it is a popular programming language or a new framework or the latest SEO standard such as AMP or Schema, or even understanding machine learning or Artificial intelligence, you would always come across something new and you would always have something to learn. SEO necessitates adaptability and developing a somewhat thick skin. The SEO industry is truly dynamic and things keep changing. SEO professionals have to accept and admit to clients often that certain directory submissions, link disavows, PageRank sculpting or other things that they had recommended earlier are no longer the best ideas.


Those were some of the top SEO skills required in 2020 for achieving success. Moreover, SEO professionals must have the ability and mindset to focus their attention on the customer’s goals and objectives first. Sometimes they need to give more priority to client needs as compared to SEO revenue opportunities. SEO jobs could prove to be quite stressful and demanding. So it is a boon to possess a robust sense of humor. A ready wit and an extraordinary sense of humor could make an SEO pro’s job more productive and enjoyable. Dallas SEO is a very good SEO service providers, do reach out to them.