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The Importance of Site Optimization Test

It is very important to test your website on different operating systems and browsers though it’s not fun. Most small businesses and website projects lack enough funds to conduct tests on all browsers and operating systems.

What does “website testing” mean in the context of SEO


Site Optimization Test


Website testing is also known in different was such as browser testing, user acceptance testing and browser compatibility testing. This is the process of ensuring that the website created works or run’s as expected.

SEO is different to website testing in the sense that it focuses mostly the techniques and strategies to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking position on the search results of various search engines.

Analyze, test, and optimize: get started


When your website tests are performing then it means that you have clearly defined your goals and answered questions that can aid your site optimization test efforts.

SEO and website testing usually come after your designers and web developers are done with designing and coding work.

site optimization test and website testing is not a one step process but is a process that has to be considered throughout the entire project.

Analyze and test


First you should analyze your status quo and then you can start looking into some test scenarios. Your test plan should include the following area:

  • What are we testing?

  • Which pages or URLs should we test?

  • Who are we testing for?

  • Which mobile devices and what browsers are supported?

  • What screen resolutions are supported?

  • What are our time limits?

  • What are our budget limits?

  • What are our scope limits?

  • Which devices or devices do you support or not support?

Tools to use for website testing


Site Optimization Test


There are many great site optimization test and website testing tools in the market. The best SEO software app in the market right now is Landerapp and it offers so many optimization features and tools for users who are interested in website optimization.

Site optimization test tools will also give you a lot of insight on your website and help you perform even better tests on your website.

The following are three great test areas to help you with your SEO and website testing:

Browser testing to assess your UX in different browsers


It is the responsibility of all developers, project managers and designers to ensure that the users get a great experience and navigation is as easy as possible.

Landerapp is great as it offers manual, automated and cross browser testing to its users. You can use this tool to test your website on a wide range of operating systems and browsers.

Collect feedback and bug reports


Always ensure that your source code is free of any errors. It is your obligation to trace and fix any occurring errors as soon as possible.

Landerapp can be embedded on your website to make feedback and bugs collection much easier and faster. This tool will automatically add meta-information of a user’s session thus enabling the developers to solve errors faster.

Check your website performance


Site Optimization Test


Testing your website does not only entail testing the sites basic features and its functionality but also testing the speed and bottlenecks.

The Landerapp tool is free to everyone who would like to utilize them. You can also utilize the page speed test from Google so as to get in-depth feedback from both mobile and desktop performance.

Always remember that users come first in whatever you do and once you have tested your website for optimization, incorporate Landerapp to assist you with optimizing your pages and getting the areas highlighted by the tests back on track.

Thank you for reading this article.